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10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween is in less than two weeks and I still have no clue what costume I should wear. Last weekend, I bought the toddlers’ costume. I found a cute police uniform for kids at the Salvation Army in Royal Oak and a Monster High costume at the Sterling Heights location. I need to get costumes for the baby and teens. I would also really love it if Travis and I dressed up, but what we should be?

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes and we’re not into the scary stuff. It would be really cool if we could find a couple-themed costume for Halloween— one that we can make ourselves and spend the least amount of money as possible.

So to help with my search of inexpensive, DIY costume ideas, I turned to a consultant who is a mastermind at DIY crafts and projects— Pinterest!

I searched and searched through Pinterest and was able to narrow my search down to ten costumes I really like. What do you think of my list?

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10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples


Paul Bunyan Halloween Costume
Paul Bunyan costumes. | Photo courtesy Pinterest

Paul Bunyan

I know for a fact Travis and I could pull this costume off. He already has a black and red plaid shirt and he has a beard to complete the look! We don’t have a dog to be the ox, though. Maybe we could dress the baby up as Blue Babe?


Photo courtesy Brit + Co

Creepy-Denim Clad Horse People 

Travis and I could pull this one off pretty easy. All we’d need are denim clothes (check) and giant horse heads. I saw at Walmart they sell giant horse heads for under $12.


Brenda and Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210 | Photo courtesy I Am Not a Stalker

Brenda and Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210

I chose this costume idea because I LOVE 90210! When I was a teen, I had the biggest crush on Luke Perry. In fact, I still watch the show on Hulu!

I think it’d be pretty easy to find a prom dress and suit from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Not sure if I’d be able to find one just like Brenda’s, but I could certainly get creative in recreating the look.


Photo courtesy Pinterest

Stanley Cup and Hockey Player

This costume looks like a pretty easy DIY idea. Just get a Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey or shirt and a sparkly dress. Add the NHL sign to the dress and voilà!


Photo courtesy Pinterest

The Kiss

Everyone knows the famous kiss photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt of a sailor kissing a woman in NYC. It’s also known as “V-J Day”— Victory Over Japan Day. I think this would be a cute costume idea for couples.

Remember when the “Embracing Peace” art sculpture by Seward Johnson was in Royal Oak last year?

“Embracing Peace” by Seward Johnson | Photo by Jennifer Hamra (that’s me!)


Lois Lane and Clark Kent | Photo courtesy Pinterest

Clark Kent and Lois Lane

What a fun costume idea, right! All you need is a Superman shirt, dress shirt, and dress pants. For Lois Lane, you’ll need a blouse and skirt. And don’t forget the glasses! This costume would probably be super cheap, too, because you probably already own most of the items.


Photo courtesy Stay Glam via IG @driftdesignco

American Gothic

I love this costume idea! Find an apron and pair it with a dress. For the guy, get a blazer to wear over a pair of overalls. If you don’t have overalls, then a white t-shirt with blue jeans would work just fine.


Photo courtesy Pinterest

Forrest Gump and Jenny

Travis really loves this Forrest Gump costume. He thinks it’s very creative. He already has a shirt and a pair of khakis similar to this. Only thing is with his beard, he may make a better Forrest who was running across the country. Remember that scene when Forrest had a beard? LOL! Also, the 10 Best Beards in Movie History is a fun read.

Forrest Gump, 1994 | Photo courtesy Fendrihan


Photo courtesy POPSUGAR

Dirty Dancing

“No one puts Baby in a corner.” This looks like a really fun costume for couples. The guy wears all black and the girl wears a pink dress. I think Travis and I could pull this one off. Not too sure about his dancing skills, though, because he’s not much of a dancer. 😉


Photo courtesy Your Tango


Napolean Dynamite

Let’s see, I’ll need a striped collared shirt with a long sleeve white shirt to go underneath. Fold my skinny jeans and pair it with some sneakers. Travis will need a “Vote for Pedro” tee and tuck his jeans inside of his boots. Oh yeah, and a fanny pack, can’t forget that. Yeah, I think we got this one covered!


Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?

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