Detroit’s QLINE: What We Love About It

Detroit’s QLINE is now in service in the city of Detroit! The new streetcar offers public transportation for commuters in Downtown Detroit, Midtown, New Center, and North End. We took a ride on the QLINE during its opening weekend and loved our experience. Check out our list of what we loved about Detroit’s new streetcar!

Detroit’s QLINE Now Open

The new QLINE streetcar is now in service, offering public transportation throughout Downtown Detroit, Midtown, New Center, and North End. I’m actually very excited about the new public transit because it will make it easier for my big family of seven to get around the city when we attend events or explore the city.

I know many other Detroiters and visitors are also excited to have the new streetcar in service. Many people think Detroit’s QLINE is a sign the city is on the rise and it will help increase economic growth. This, of course, remains to be seen, but I believe featuring the QLINE in Detroit is a great way to encourage more business in the city.

Featuring the QLINE in Detroit is a great way to encourage more business in the city.


Detroit's QLINE
The new streetcar QLINE is now available to Detroiters and visitors for public transportation throughout the downtown area.


Busy Opening Weekend for the QLINE

On Detroit’s QLINE opening weekend, my teen daughter and I were in Downtown Detroit for the Red Bull Hart Lines 2017 street skateboarding competition. After the competition, we headed down to Woodward Avenue to try out the new streetcar. Transportation fees were waived for opening weekend and remained free until Sunday, May 14th (the QLINE is now free until July 1, 2017). Patrons patiently stood in line waiting for their turn to try Detroit’s QLINE. I was amazed at how many people had cameras with them to document their experience. It was definitely a moment worth remembering since it has been many years since Detroit has had an operating streetcar!


As I was taking photographs of the QLINE, a passenger stopped to pose for a photo.


Detroit's QLINE
A QLINE driver told me opening weekend was very busy, as many people were excited to ride on the QLINE.


What We Like About Detroit’s QLINE

We love the futuristic look of the QLINE. It reminds me of a streetcar from a sci-fi movie. We love the ease of getting into and leaving the car. I am very pregnant and I had no trouble entering or exiting the car. The QLINE also features WiFi and is ADA accessible.

Another great feature we love about Detroit’s QLINE is the stations are located in front of popular destination points such as Detroit businesses, restaurants, and sports stadiums (i.e. Comerica Park). Our first stop was right in front of Detroit Water Ice Factory. It was perfect because this was actually one of the places we had planned on visiting. The convenient station locations make maneuvering through the city easier. You can park in one location and ride the QLINE to many different places throughout the city without having to worry about high parking fees.

Other features we like about the QLINE:

  • Free until July 1st!
  • WiFi featured on the QLINE and at each station
  • Convenient operating hours
  • Extended street routes
  • Bicycle and stroller-friendly
  • Friendly service

For more information about the QLINE riding guidelines and saftey rules, visit their official website here.


Detroit's QLINE
Two women happily capture a selfie of the QLINE to document their first ride on the streetcar.


We had a very pleasant experience for our first ride on Detroit’s QLINE. I am happy the riding fares will be free until July 1st. This will give Detroiters and visitors more opportunity to try the new streetcar and also determine how to use the car for their benefit. I love how the streetcar is family-friendly, too. It will be helpful for families with small children (like mine) or even families who are showing their loved ones around the city. I hope the QLINE will be successful in encouraging more economic growth to Detroit. It’s a great feeling to see more positive news in the city of Detroit!






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56 thoughts on “Detroit’s QLINE: What We Love About It

  1. Oh wow, this is a cool street car to try. I miss taking street transportation rides like this. I bet it’s gonna be cool to bring our GD’s there. 😀

  2. I would love to go to Detroit. It looks absolutely beautiful. I imagine a big, beautiful city with so many colors. <3

  3. Awesome. We need similar transportation in Los Angeles! It would be convenient and environmentally friendly too. The colors on the Qline are also amazing and would brighten any city!

  4. Public transportation has always been a challenge for us in California. The traffic is so bad because we all have to drive everyday. We need something like this!

    1. I have a friend who lives in California and she says the traffic there is really bad. My sister is moving back to Cali in about two weeks, actually. Maybe public transportation in California would help with the traffic?

  5. This is so cute and perfect for the commuters I love the places that they had a good transportation.

  6. This is a great form of transportation. I think this may be the same as the rapid in Cleveland

  7. Wow… this seems like so much fun! I wished they would bring a Qline to my city because I would be the first one to ride it! This is really a fun way to get to work and home… I guess I better plan a trip to Detroit so I can be a part of the Qline movement!

  8. As a Michigan Girl at heart, I feel like this is great news! I have been so sad about Detroit and the decline. It looks like Detroit is picking back up again!! The QLine looks like a fun way to get around town.

    1. I understand how you feel, April. It really is a great feeling to see more positive news and growth in Detroit! Hope you can come visit the city sometime and check out the new QLINE!

  9. Everyone loves streetcars and this new line is state of the art. Too bad we live so far from Detroit because my kids would love to check this out.

  10. We have a very poor system of transportation here in the Philippines. all the time consumed by the people when on the road was spent on traffic. I wish we have a system like this that will help alot to solve the street congestion.

    1. Hi, Agnes! I’m sorry to hear the transportation system in the Philippines is not at its best. I agree with you when a city has reliable public transportation, it is a great benefit to the people. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  11. Wow – what a modern design! Certainly makes public transport look very good. Useful information for anyone wanting to visit, thanks for sharing!

  12. Ah, I didn’t know about this! This is a really nice way to get where you need to go. It’s great that so many people came by to try it on opening weekend.

  13. The QLine seems like a good way to get around Detroit. It’s cool that they making it free to ride till July. You can save alot on transport fees during this time.

  14. I am a lover of public transportation, however living in a farming community means no metro or streetcar line. I love the beautiful colors of your qline. Makes me want to visit Detroit

  15. I a;ways love when cities expand their public transportation. So when I visit I don’t have to worry about renting a car.

  16. That sounds like a great way to get around in Detroit. Public transportation is always a great option.

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