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Embracing Peace & Preserving WWII History

Embracing Peace by artist Seward Johnson (Royal Oak, Michigan)

On Saturday, July 9, 2016, Michala (my daughter, age 14) and I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial and the Tribute Rosies at the Royal Oak Art Fair.

I volunteered as a Tribute Rosie the Riveter, and Michala wore a red, white polka dot dress to complement the Rosie the Riveter and WWII theme. We helped pass out flyers and talk with visitors about the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial and it’s hopes to raise money to build a permanent WWII memorial in Royal Oak, Michigan. We also shared information about Seward Johnson’s Embracing Peace statue.

Michala’s red, white polka dot dress was a perfect complement to the Tribute Rosie the Riveter and Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial volunteer event!

Embracing Peace Art Sculpture

The Embracing Peace art sculpture is now on display in Royal Oak, Michigan. It is a beautiful work of art created by artist Seward Johnson. Presented by the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial, Embracing Peace re-imagines the famous kiss in Times Square NYC that took place on August 14, 1945 as the end of WWII was announced in the United States.

The statue will be on display at the Royal Oak Memorial Park until December 2016.

Afterwards, the statue will be transferred to Key West.

This awe-inspiring work reflects the joy and celebration of the Allied victory in WWII, to which Michigan’s Greatest Generation contributed so significantly. -The Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial


Michala and I enjoyed our time volunteering and meeting with so many people who attended the fair. Another one of our duties was to take photos of people with their cellphones, standing in front of the Embracing Peace statue. We encouraged visitors to share their photographs on their social media sites using the hashtag “kissandtell5”.

I volunteered with my fellow Rosies for the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial at the Royal Oak Art Fair. (I'm at the far right.)
I volunteered with my fellow Rosies for the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial at the Royal Oak Art Fair. (I’m at the far right.)
Republican candidate Christopher R. Morse also stopped by the event!
Republican candidate Christopher R. Morse also stopped by the event!


The purpose of the hashtag was to also spread the word about the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial’s fundraising campaign:

Use the hashtag #kissandtell5.

Tell FIVE specific friends and relatives to also “Kiss and Tell 5”.

Tagged pictures may be used to compose a mosaic image of a portion of the photo above that will be displayed on a billboard in Royal Oak.

-The Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial

I thought the “hashtag campaign” was a very creative idea. Since social media is very popular, using a hashtag is a great way to get others involved and draw attention to the campaign to help fund a permanent WWII memorial. Hashtags are especially popular with the technology generation, so using a unique hashtag for the WWII memorial campaign is an effective way to start a dialogue with the younger generation about the importance of preserving WWII history.

Update 7/24/2016: To find out more information about the Kiss and Tell 5, please visit the official website here.

A couple and their friends reenact “the kiss” in front of the Embracing Peace statue in Royal Oak, MI.

Honor Our Military Heroes

It is important to celebrate and honor our military heroes who fought for our freedom. As the wife of an Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran and a daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I understand just how meaningful it is to honor our military veterans.

It is important for us to give our veterans great thanks for their sacrifice serving in the military. I believe establishing a permanent WWII memorial will show our veterans just how much we appreciate their great sacrifice and service to our country.

A married couple visiting from Korea pose in front of the Embracing Peace Statue in Royal Oak, MI.

Get involved!

There are many ways you can get involved with this amazing campaign from offering a financial contribution to the fundraiser or by volunteering with the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial! For more information on the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial, please visit their official website.

Update 7/24/2016: On August 14, 2016, the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial will host “Kissing the War Goodbye”– the “kiss re-enactment which marked the end of WWII. Event time is at 1:00 p.m. at Memorial Park in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial is looking for “kissers and cheering onlookers” to surround the Embracing Peace statue in Memorial Park. So grab your love or friend, and come be apart of this exciting historical event!

Kissing the War Goodbye

Date: Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Where: Memorial Park at Woodward Avenue and 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, Michigan


Other websites:

  • What is Kiss and Tell 5? Find out more information at the official website!
  • Want to be part of the “Kissing the War Goodbye” event on August 14th in Royal Oak, MI? Find out more details about the event here.
  • Visit the Save the Bomber Plant website to learn more about Tribute Rosies and how to save the Bomber Plant!
  • For more information about Republican Candidate Christopher R. Morse, please visit his official website.
  • And to learn more about the Embracing Peace statue, please visit the official Seward Johnson website.





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