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An Entire Day for Just the Kids and I (with NO Social Media!)

Friday is the busiest day of the week for us.

Our Fridays are always busy because we have homeschool group at a church in our area. Right now, Elijah and Zhen are taking a class at our homeschool group. While they’re at class, Zechariah and Zephaniah play in the playroom at the church. Michala hangs out and reads a book or she uses her laptop to play a game or watch videos.

Homeschool group day for us means we spend most of the day out of the house. I like to make a day of it and also plan another fun activity for us to do together as a family. After homeschool group, we grab lunch and then go to a store or go get some ice cream. When the weather is nice, we hang out at the park or go to Downtown Detroit to explore and play at Campus Martius. Right now, with the weather being so cold, we’ve been hanging out at Target on Friday evenings.


Family Fridays

Last Friday, as we were preparing to go to homeschool group, I overheard Elijah say to Travis, “Today is Fun Friday.” I thought he had said “Family Friday” and I later told Elijah I really liked the name he came up with. Elijah said, “I actually said “Fun Friday”, but I really like “Family Friday”!” So that’s how we decided Fridays will now be called Family Friday.

When we went to homeschool group, I had what I thought was a great idea: take the kids to homeschool group and while they were in class, I’d work on a couple of articles for the blog. Yeah, that plan failed completely. I don’t know why I even thought that was a good idea. I have a bad habit of overplanning and trying to cram way too many activities in a short period of time.

When we arrived at our group, Elijah took Zhen to her ballet class while Michala and I worked on a Valentine’s Day project. (Zechariah and Zephaniah were with Michala and I, too.) Our Valentine’s Day celebration was originally supposed to be the week before the holiday, but we had a snow storm so it was rescheduled.

Michala helped me with a Valentine’s Day project at homeschool group.


Turn off the laptop. Family first!

After Michala and I finished the Valentine’s Day project, we took the boys to play. Soon Elijah and Zhen joined us. My plan was to work on my articles while the kids played and the teens read their books and worked on their laptop. Instead of working, though, I decided to close my laptop and play with the baby and help Zechariah build a train track.

But you know what? I wasn’t even mad about it. Sure, I’d end up posting my articles later than I would have liked, but spending time with my kids was much more important. I decided to put my articles on hold and focus on the kids. It was the best decision I made!

Zechariah LOVES playing with train sets! He likes to put them together and build his own track design.
He made a bridge with the train track set. We have a train track set similar to this one at our home. I would love to add to Zechariah’s train collection!

SIMILAR WOODEN TRAIN SET, REG. $97.01 SALE $46.50 | This wooden train set comes with 62 pieces and is compatible with Thomas & Friends, Melissa & Doug, BRIO, and all other major wooden railway brands. We have a KidKraft wooden railway set and this weekend we’re going to buy the 62 piece set for Zhen and Zechariah.


Zhen was so excited to get her Valentine cards!


Sometimes you just have to take a break from the noise.

I ended up not opening my laptop for the rest of the day. I didn’t even get on social media to post photos or see what was going on on Twitter. It felt a little weird at first, but as time went on I forgot all about the blog work and started to relax and enjoy my time with the kids.

Our Fun Family Friday:

After homeschool classes, we played at in the toy room for a little bit;

we picked up lunch at Kroger (chicken tenders and wings from the hot bar);

and then we hung out at Target for a couple of hours (I bought the kids each one Icee, popcorn, and one activity).

Once we got home, we ate dinner together and watched a few episodes of Fuller House Season 3. Side note: I know I’m late on watching the third season, but it is SO FUNNY!! Michala and I were laughing so hard at Fuller House. (I really think season 3 is the funniest season so far.) It felt so good to relax and just laugh with the kids.

family day with no social media
Elijah read a few books to the little ones.


Reserve one day out of your week for a Family Day with NO social media!

I had so much fun spending the entire day with my kids and staying off of the internet and social media. I decided to do it every Friday! I think my teens were impressed with me that I stayed off of the net and didn’t get on my social media accounts. LOL! It was worth it!

I encourage you to take a day out of your week to spend the entire day with your kids and stay off of the internet and your social media. I know, it’s going to be hard to keep from sharing on Instagram cute photos of the fun you’re having with your kids, but your time with your children is so much more valuable than spending time on the internet!

Of course, you should still bring your camera with you! 🙂 That’s what I did. I take my camera with me just about everywhere I go so it’s a given that I’m going to take pictures of my kids every day of the week. LOL! (If you don’t own a camera, then use your cell phone to capture those precious moments.)

I love our Family Friday time together!


Staying off of the internet and social media so I could focus on spending time with my kids was the best idea! It made me realize my time with my children is very precious and I shouldn’t let the busyness of life keep me from spending time with them.

I am excited for this coming Friday when we spend time together for our next Family Friday!


Do you have a special weekly tradition you like to do with your kids?


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