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I Feel Like I Live in a Snow Globe

Hey, it’s the weekend! Do you have any big plans this weekend? We’re having a “snow weekend” because we got hit with quite a bit of snow on Friday morning. I feel like it snows almost every week. It seems like it’s neverending. Since I’m from Tennessee, I’m not used to all of this snow.

I remember when we first moved to Michigan (Spring 2015), we only experienced a few snow flurries. Then that following winter there was mild snow. I was happy with it. I went out in the snow all of the time. I went to Downtown Detroit to work on my city photography. I signed up for photography classes and attended many outdoor events. The winter did not bother me at all.


Winter 2016-17 (Photo by Jennifer Hamra)


Locals told me, “This is nothing.” Apparently, Winter 2015 was a mild winter for Southeast Michigan. So I thought, Okay, if this is a mild winter and there are a few snow days, then I wonder what a real winter is like. 

Winter 2016-17 came through and we had more snow days than the previous winter, but nothing that alarmed me. I just thought it was a lot of snow compared to what I was used to back home in the South. I did notice one difference about the winter, though: It was very long. I found myself feeling extremely anxious and excited for spring to arrive. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy to see a season change before.


Lincoln Street Art Park Detroit
Zhen last winter in Detroit. We were exploring Lincoln Street Art Park. (Photo by Jennifer Hamra | Mural by Pop Art Monkey)


Then Winter 2017-18 hit.

BAM! Snow. Snow. Snow. And more snow! Our snowboots stay lined up at our front door. I went to Target and bought two boot trays for our snowboots and a utility rug to place in front of our door because of all of the ice, salt, and snow we were tracking into the house. It was worth the buy because now my kitchen floor doesn’t get dirty from the ice and snow.

Then the temps dropped and it felt colder than my freezer. I hated it. I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t take the baby out, either. It gets so cold here that my family doesn’t even like to visit during the winter time. Ha! I don’t blame them. We just don’t like cold weather like this. Travis, on the other hand, he can handle it because he’s from Illinois. He knows all about cold weather and snow. He’s about that snow life. LOL! Not me! 🙂

So this is the real Michigan winter. Okay, I get it now. And guess what? I don’t like it. AT ALL. I’m beyond over this snow and the winter weather. LOL!

We do plan to go to a science museum this weekend. That’s if it doesn’t snow again. I hope it doesn’t snow, or if it does snow, it isn’t a heavy snow. I’d really love to get out of the house and do something fun with the kids.


Did you see my Super Bowl TV segment on ABC-7 WXYZ (Detroit)?

Here it is in case you missed it! Let me know what you think. I was nervous, but I think I did much better this time. Very thankful for the opportunity!


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Rich Ayers Mural Detroit
Travis snapped a photo of me in front of this beautiful mural. We were driving home from WXYZ Detroit and it started snowing pretty hard. (Mural by Rich Ayers)

YES to this post!

I came across this article about a pregnant woman who was in the LAX airport and she was having a challenging time with her toddler. Several other women – strangers who didn’t know each other – stepped in to help the pregnant mom and her toddler. A woman wrote about it on her Facebook page and her public post went viral. Here’s the post:


Beth Bornstein Dunnington wrote about her experience witnessing several women helping a prenant mom at LAX.


I thought Beth’s post was just beautiful. I’ve been that pregnant mom many times so I can relate to this moment. What a wonderful thing for these women to do for the pregnant mom and her little one! I love how Beth ends her post:

“It occurred to me that a circle of women, with a mission, can save the world.”

Yes, girl! Love it.


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Hope you have a good weekend!


xoxo Jennifer



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