Cherish Every Moment You Have with Your Children

The other day, Travis went to the post office to mail our tax documents. While at the post office, he sent me a text to let me know he was leaving the post office.

“Also picked up a Selective Service form for Elijah”

Um, what? Selective Service form? I knew about the Selective Service, but I completely forgot once a young man reaches the age of 18 he must register for it. And now my son, my firstborn, has to register for Selective Service?

That was a big realization for me that Elijah is turning 18 in two weeks. Seriously, where did the time go? (I say this a lot about my kids growing up and reaching new life milestones.)

Three weeks ago, Michala turned 16. She asked me if she could apply for a job. Last night, Zhen lost her front tooth. Zechariah is a little taller and is looking more like a 3-year-old. And Zephaniah is crawling and is using furniture to help pull himself up to stand. Oh, and he’s always getting two bottom teeth.

Life comes at you fast, right?


Elijah, age 4


Elijah at age 16(ish?)


Cherish every moment you have with your children because they really do grow up so quickly. You’ll probably see me write about this truth a lot, but that’s only because it’s exactly that: TRUTH. Motherhood is a great blessing, but reaching these various life milestones can be a little emotional at times.

But you know, I’m learning I can’t look at it as if I am losing something. I have to embrace the journey and be happy for my children when they reach their milestones. Elijah is excited about turning 18. He has so many dreams and goals he wants to accomplish in life so I am going to do all that I can to help him reach his dreams.

Just like when he played soccer for the first time at the age of 4, I will forever be his number one fan cheering him on.


Elijah turns 18 in about TWO weeks, you guys! (Photo location at Woodbridge Pub and Pie-Sci in Detroit. Mural by Carl Oxley III aka Popart Monkey)


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Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer xoxo



Feature image: Mural Artist Carl Oxley 3 Official Website




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