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Force of Nature: A Shoe Collection Designed to Celebrate the Force of Female Power


Are you a big Star Wars fan?

My family and I LOVE Star Wars! Elijah is probably the #1 fan of Star Wars while Michala comes in a very close second. Elijah can you tell facts about the movies, cartoon TV series, video games, and comic books. He’s a very devoted fan. Last Christmas, I bought him the Star Wars Ahsoka novel and he finished it within the week! I’m telling you, he absolutely loves Star Wars.

I introduced my teens to Star Wars when they were about 3 and 5. This was long before the new Star Wars movies came out. They fell in love with the classics first, and once Anakin hit the scene, their love for Star Wars grew exponentially.

I bought Elijah and Michala Star Wars clothes, toys, and video games. I even threw Elijah a Star Wars-themed birthday party once. Nothing elaborate with costumes or anything. Just a Star Wars cake, party decor, and many Star Wars gifts. To a little boy, that’s a big deal!

When I showed him the Force of Nature shoe collection for women, he thought it was the coolest thing. I know he’s secretly wishing Clarks offered a similar collection for men. 🙂


Force of Nature
Clarks and Star Wars(TM) join forces to announce a collaborative shoe collection for women and girls, championing female power and authenticity in character and style. (PRNewsfoto/Clarks)


“You Don’t Have to Wait for Someone Else to Save the Planet.”

But, you know, Michala (15) is a big fan of Star Wars, too. She loves the futuristic theme of the movies and the diversity of the characters. Michala said of the character Rey, “She’s very courageous and she would gladly give up her life to save a planet. I just like how they have a woman doing that because it’s like empowering to women, saying you don’t have to wait for someone else to save the planet. You can save it by yourself.”

That’s deep, Michala. Makes me feel very proud to know my daughter feels this way. #GirlPower

Michala is excited about the new Force of Nature collection. When I showed her the picture of the shoes she exclaimed, “Those look just like the shoes from Star Wars! I would wear them!”



Force of Nature
Michala is a very big fan of Star Wars. She loves Rey, the strong female lead in The Force Awakens.


Star Wars™ | Clarks Collaboration for Women & Girls

This new collab with the Star Wars™ franchise and Clarks comes just in time for the year’s most anticipated film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Star Wars™ franchise has collaborated with Clarks to bring you the Force of Nature collection. The unique Star Wars™ | Clarks collaboration for women and girls is designed to celebrate the force of female power! #GirlPowerGameStrong

Rey, the main character of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is a positive female role model for women and girls. The Clarks brand describes her as “uncompromising and represents strength and power without limitations or apologies.”

“Rey’s strength became a deep source of inspiration for the collaboration and is a vital embodiment of the brand’s ethos – a platform for free thinking people who are true to themselves, comfortable in their own skin and inspired by authenticity.”

The Force of Nature collection will empower women and girls in so many ways. The new shoe features “an advanced footbed structure, created to achieve optimum comfort, push flexibility, and champion durability.”


Other great features of the Force of Nature Collection:

close-fit, high-top design for ankle protection

soft fleece lining and innovative lacing system to keep your feet warm and dry

an exclusive Rey heel detail

the iconic Resistance symbol

premium collectible packaging

three different styles for women and young girls



Force of Nature Limited Collection for Women


Nature. Rey, $160

Nature. Rey, Grey | $160

Nature. Rey, Sand | $60



Force of Nature Limited Collection for Girls


 Nature. Rey, Chocolate | $160

Nature. Rey, Grey | $160

Nature. Rey, Orange | $160




What do you think of the new Force of Nature collection?



Feature image courtesy of Clarks and Star Wars™.



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