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Fun, Stylish Rain Boots for a Rainy Day

The other day I bought the kids new rain boots because they had outgrown their old ones. I got Zechariah a pair of yellow rain boots to match his yellow raincoat and Zhen a pair of black and white polka dot rain boots like these to go with her Minnie Mouse raincoat. Zhen’s Minnie Mouse raincoat is so cute that I kind of wish I had one.

Now every time it rains, the kids are excited to wear their rain gear outside and splash in the puddles. In the meantime, I was stuck wearing just regular shoes praying the water wouldn’t seep through my shoes and get my socks wet. That’s when it hit me: “Why don’t I get myself a pair of rain boots, too? Something cute and fun to go with any outfit I wear?”

So I went to Nordstrom and bought myself a pair of bright red Ugg rain boots and now I am just like the kids. Whenever it rains, I have something fun to wear and I can splash in the puddles with them, too! I told one of my IG friends on a photo I shared of the kids and I at Flower Day, the kids always look like they have so much fun in their rain boots! I think we’re never too old to have wear stylish rain boots and splash in the puddles.

fun stylish rain boots
I love how my red Ugg rain boots go well with my vintage flower dress!

fun stylish rain boots

When I was shopping for rain boots, I was looking for a brand that had good quality with a stylish look. I wanted my boots to last me a long time and I think these Ugg boots are perfect! What I love about my new Ugg rain boots is they are cozy and warm. (I do recommend wearing thin socks with the boots, though. It will help protect your feet from sweating too much.)

The red color goes well with dresses, jeans, shorts, and skirts. I wore mine with a vintage flower dress at Eastern Market’s Flower Day because the weather was little rainy that day. If you get a pair of Ugg rain boots, make sure you go up a size. They run a little small. I normally wear a size 9.5 and I bought a size 10.

fun stylish rain boots
Ugg’s rain boots are comfy and keep your feet warm. Just make sure you wear a pair of thin socks to help prevent your feet from sweating.
Now I’m ready for the rain!


More Stylish Rain Boots:

Here are a few other rain boot options if you’re looking. I love the Hunter rain boots from Nordstrom and Michala said she’s diggin’ the Clima Rain Booties from Nordstrom Rack and Forrest Matte rain boots from Target.


Michala loves the cool grey color and chunky heel on these rain booties.

Grey Shiny, Clima Rain Bootie from Nordstrom Rack, only $29.97


Lovin’ this cute forrest design! These boots are only at Target.com for $39.99

Western Chief Forrest Friends Matte Rain Boots  at Target.com, $39.99


These Pink Flamingo rain boots are just too cute!

London Fog Piccadilly Waterproof Rain Boots, $59$44.25 at JCPenny


Rainbow rain boots seem very fitting, don’t they?

Rainbow Second Prances Rain Boots from Modcloth, $49.00


I love the silver style of these Hunter rain boots.

Hunter ‘Original Tall’ Rain Boots from Nordstrom, $150.00


Which pair of rain boots are your favorite?



Style photographs courtesy of Jennifer Hamra

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