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I haven’t done street photography in three weeks because the weather has just been too cold. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without working on my photography and I’m starting to feel empty. I need to get my photography fix! 🙂

But the colder weather has given me the opportunity to slow down and rest. It’s actually perfect timing because I’ve also been sick with nausea and fatigue. So I’ve been spending my cold, winter days indoors resting and binge watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Good Life Detroit
My daughter Michala enjoying the snow in Metro Detroit.

Winter is definitely here, and it hit us kind of hard. The temps have been below 20 most days and we had a couple of snow days within the past two weeks. It’s been so cold outside that the snow hasn’t really melted. I love the snow, but I’m getting a little tired of looking at it now. One positive way I find joy with all of this snow is at least we’ll have a white Christmas. I don’t think it will snow Christmas weekend, but there should still be snow on the ground.

Something else that makes the winter weather so miserable is the wind. Sometimes the wind blows so hard I can hear it. It sounds as if there are wolves outside of my bedroom window howling at the moon. We live closer to the lake, so I’m assuming that’s where all of this wind is coming from. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to really take my kids outside to enjoy the snow because of the freezing temperatures.

Finally a day to play in the snow!

We did have one pleasant Saturday where it wasn’t too cold or windy outside. The kids received holiday money from their grandparents, so we bought them snow gear to use in the snow. They enjoyed sledding and shoveling snow. Despite the cold, it was nice to get outside and play in the snow for a little bit.

Good Life Detroit
My husband with our children at a local park for a very snowy play day.

New Photography Project: Windows Series

I’m currently working on a photography project. I am photographing different window scenes when I am out doing street photography. This is my first time focusing on a photography series, so I am excited and nervous about it. It’s a simple one, so I think it’s perfect since it’s my first time. You’d think photographing window scenes is easy, but it’s kind of not because sometimes when you go up to a window with your camera, people stare at you kind of funny. It also makes me feel like a creeper.

Now, I’m not saying I go up to people’s windows on their personal property. LOL! I’m talking about window scenes in the city at cafes, restaurants, and shopping stores. You’ll see what I mean in the image below. I don’t have an end date for the project as of yet, but I do have a nice little collection of images so far. I’m hoping to resume my project in a few weeks once I start feeling better and the weather isn’t so wicked.

Detroit Street Photography
I’m working on a new photography project.

Woodward Camera “City Life” Photography Contest

Speaking of my “windows photography project”, one of my window photos was chosen for a monthly photography contest. Woodward Camera in Metro Detroit held a photography contest called “City Life” for the month of November. The photo which was selected was a photograph I had taken of the American Coney Island in Downtown Detroit.

Woodward Camera

An Instagram buddy had told me about the contest, so I decided to start using Woodward Camera’s contest hashtag on my Detroit city life photographs. I honestly had forgotten I had entered the contest, so I was pleasantly surprised when Woodward Camera contacted me to let me know I had won the contest! I’m excited to see my photograph in large print size. I think I’m going to have this photograph framed for my home, as well.

Good Life Detroit
My window photograph of the American Coney Island in Downtown Detroit was chosen for the Woodward Camera’s “City Life” November contest. Thank you, Woodward Camera!

Blogging and Photography Goals

I have set a few blogging and photography goals for the upcoming new year. I’m excited to continue my journey as a creative and to connect with other creatives. I began my photography journey in September 2015 and I am absolutely amazed at how much I have grown as a photographer.

What’s even more exciting is I know I still have so much positive growth to experience. In a future blog post, I will share my blogging and photography goals. I am looking forward to the blessings of 2017 and continuing to share my journey on Good Life Detroit!

Thank you for following my journey so far. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings to the New Year!

Peace and Love,


Campus Martius Christmas Tree
Campus Martius in Downtown Detroit


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