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Happy birthday, Zhen!

Today is Zhen’s 5th birthday!

As moms always say when it’s their child’s birthday, “I can’t believe my baby is 5! Where did the time go?” But it’s true. It really does seem like time has gone by too fast. My little baby girl is now a big girl.

Zhen loves life and has such a joyful spirit. She always sees the bright side of things. She loves to laugh and make other people laugh, too. She is always creating her own “knock-knock” jokes.

This is her favorite knock-knock joke:

Zhen: “Knock. Knock.”

Me: “Who’s there?”

Zhen: “Interrupting Cow.”

Me: “Interrupting C…”

Zhen: “MOOOOOO!”

And then she bursts into a fit full of giggles. She thinks that the joke is the funniest joke in the world. Probably because Daddy taught it to her.

Zhen is definitely a Daddy’s girl. She adores Travis. He’s such a good dad, too. He always makes time to play with the kids. And if Zhen wants to play dress up, he doesn’t mind playing along, too.

He even agrees to be her customer and let her style his hair when she wants to play beauty shop. She’ll run and get a spray bottle filled with a moisturizing mist and drench his hair with it. She’ll comb his hair and “style it” and Travis just patiently sits in the chair and smiles.

Happy birthday, Zhen!
A picture of Zhen styling her daddy’s hair.
Zhen when she was 3-weeks-old (and when Travis was in the Army).

Some of Zhen’s favorite things:

the color purple and pink


princess dresses


PJ Masks

Doc McStuffins

Barbie movies

Trolls the movie

playing Lego Batman on PS3

spending time with her Nana

talking on the phone with her Papa

her cousin Landon

and going to “Ice Cream City”. This is what she calls Detroit because she loves visiting Mootown in Eastern Market.

Happy birthday, Zhen!
My happy girl
Travis and Zhen
Happy birthday Zhen
Zhen and I in July 2016.
Happy birthday, sweet Zhen! We love you. xoxo


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