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Celebrating Love with Family (and Our First Michigan Snow Storm)

Happy Monday! 

How was your weekend? We had a snow storm on Friday so our homeschool group was canceled. The kids and I ended up taking a snow day from school and we watched some movies and relaxed. Well, the kids relaxed more than I did because I had some writing I had to finish up. Travis was able to run to the store to buy groceries before he went to work so that was a very BIG help for me. I don’t like driving in the snow.

This was my first time experiencing a snow storm in Michigan, and it wasn’t too bad. In Tennessee, when it snows, everything pretty much shuts down. Government offices and schools aren’t the only places that close. Sometimes businesses and restaurants close. And it takes a few days for things to get cleared because they don’t get snow regularly like we do in Southeast Michigan.

Luckily, it didn’t snow too much Saturday and Sunday. We had big piles of snow in our neighborhood. Neighbors’ porches and sidewalks were covered in snow. I couldn’t even see where some of the porches began. That’s how deep the snow was in their yard!


Zephaniah turns 6-months-old this Wednesday!

*Tears* Time is going by way too fast! He’s already rolling over and trying to sit up. Before we know it, he will be crawling. I’m excited to see Zephaniah reach his milestones, but I can help to feel a little sad about it because I want him to stay small just a little longer.

Here is a post I shared when I announced Zephaniah’s birth.

Travis pulled out Zechariah’s old ExerSaucer to see if Zephaniah was ready for it and he fits in it perfectly! Zephaniah LOVES the ExerSaucer! He likes being able to stand and move around. It’s also been great to use so he can play with Zhen and Zechariah. They think the ExerSaucer is a lot of fun and they like to sit in front of it and talk and play with Zephaniah.


Zephaniah is rolling over and trying to sit up now. He’ll be 6-months-old on Valentine’s Day!





Preschool Interest-led Learning: Addition and Puzzles

The other day Travis bought Zhen a Disney Princess math workbook and Zhen showed an interest in learning about addition. We are focusing on interest-led learning for homeschooling the toddlers so I used that as a great opportunity to begin teaching her how to add. Here’s what I’m teaching her in Math:

What is a math sentence?


Plus sign

Equal sign

How to count shapes and create a math sentence

I am also using counting bears as a visual aid to help Zhen learn addition. She loves it because it makes learning addition more fun. She can see and touch the bears as she counts and it helps her retain the math she is learning.


The counting bears have been very helpful for Zhen learning addition.


I added a number line to the top of her workbook pages so she can see how to write her numbers if she forgets.


Zhen loves using the Disney Princess Workbook to learn addition!



Meanwhile, Zechariah (2) is learning how to put puzzles together. Travis bought him two PJ Masks puzzles (PJ Masks is his absolute favorite thing right now) and Zechariah loves putting the puzzles together! I was so amazed that he was able to put together a 24-piece puzzle. He only needed a little bit of help. You know, puzzles are a great math skill for younger toddlers and preschoolers to learn. It always amazes me how much the kids learn with the interest-led learning method. I think this way of learning has been a really good decision for homeschooling the toddlers.


What are the teens up to these days?

Elijah has been reading a lot of comic books lately. He enjoys reading Batman and Spider-man comic books. He also likes to read graphic novels. I learned from the teens there’s a big difference between comic books and graphic novels. Here’s a tip: Never call a graphic novel a comic book!

I took Elijah to the Vault of Midnight in Downtown Detroit to buy a few comic books. He loves Vault of Midnight! It’s his favorite comic book store. I like to make it a mother-son date and take him to the comic book store and then go out to eat somewhere in the city.


One of Elijah’s favorite comic book characters is Ghost Rider.


Michala has been watching a lot of K-Pop music videos and K-Drama TV shows. If you aren’t familiar with K-Pop or K-Drama, it is Korean pop music and Korean drama television. I actually like some of the K-Pop groups. My favs right now are BTS (of course), Twice, and Red Velvet.

I also like watching K-Drama shows with Michala. Right now, we are watching Strong Girl Bong-Soon. It’s about a young woman who has superhuman strength and she must use her powers for good or she will lose them. It’s a comedy and a crime drama. Really good! You can watch it on Hulu or Netflix.


Strong Girl Bong-Soon


Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 14th

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? We like to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, and then on the weekend, Travis and I like to go out to a restaurant just the two of us. Last year, we went to Tim Hortons/Coldstone Creamery for donuts and ice cream.

This time, we’re going to continue our Valentine’s Day tradition of getting donuts, only we’re going to go to a local donut restaurant. I’m not a big fan of Tim Horton’s. Every time I go to Tim Horton’s, their donuts are not fresh. They are hard and taste stale. Two big thumbs down.


Zechariah on Valentine’s Day last year. I bought the kids Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cookies.
He was so cute! 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your Valentine’s week is filled with much joy and love! Remember, you don’t have to have a Valentine’s date to celebrate the occasion. You can always spend time with family or friends. Show a stranger love or volunteer somewhere. I think our media puts way too much emphasis on Valentine’s Day being about couples and dates. It gets people in a funk when they don’t have a date.


The kids on Valentine’s Day last year (2/14/17). I’m so excited that this Valentine’s Day Zephaniah will be celebrating with us!


I think if we get everybody on board to show love to everyone in many different ways – spend time with family, hang out with friends, volunteer in your community, or focus on self-care – I think fewer people will feel mad or sad about not having a date. Just my thoughts.

So don’t feel sad if you don’t have a Valentine’s date. There are many other wonderful ways you can celebrate love on Valentine’s Day! 🙂


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Have a blessed week!

Jennifer xoxo


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