Highlights from the Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo

Highlights from the Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo
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If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love my head wraps! Since moving to Detroit, I have collected an assortment of wraps. Detroit is very popular for the head wrap fashion style because many men and women wear head wraps for cultural and spiritual reasons.

I have found vendors at the Eastern Market and other cultural festivals, such as the African World Festival, who sell beautiful African fabric, tichels, and hijabs. So when I found out about the 4th Annual Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo, I knew I had to go!

The head wrap expo is held every year. According to their webiste, “it is an amazing day of unity, fashion, and sister/brotherhood!”

Traditional Palestinian Wedding Dress

The Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo is not just about the art of head wrapping. It is so much more. The event is a great way to educate the community on differences in culture and faith. It also encourages the community to respect one another’s beliefs and cultural differences. And lastly, The Headwrap Expo teaches us how to love each other and find unity with one another.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is the founder of the Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo. I had the pleasure of meeting Zarinah at the Detroit African World Festival in August. I love Zarinah’s spirit and great passion for the community. She strives hard to bring together people of different cultures and faiths.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem

I loved everything about the Headwrap Expo! I learned so many new styles, and I also learned more about how head wrapping is used in different cultures. It was a very enlightening experience.

The Headwrap Expo inspires fashion and unity in the community. #Detroit Click To Tweet

Here are my favorite highlights of the 4th Annual Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo.


My favorite headwrap company Wrapunzel was a vendor at the expo. I first learned about Wrapunzel in April 2016 while researching on YouTube how-to head wrapping videos. Ordering a tichel had been on my wish list for months. So when I found out they were going to be at the expo, I was beyond thrilled!

Tichel: the Yiddish word for the headscarf worn by many married Orthodox Jewish women (Wikipedia)

I met Rachel, one of Wrapunzel’s team members, and she helped me pick out a tichel, the Wendy Beret Volumizer, and a Pashmina.

Rachel from Wrapunzel
I enjoy learning different wrap styles from Rachel on the Wrapunzel YouTube Channel.
Wrapunzel Pachmina
I love my new Pachmina from Wrapunzel! It is very soft and so beautiful.

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows were scheduled every hour at the Headwrap Expo.  Arabian fashion styles, African fashion styles, and head wrap fashion were just a few of the types of shows featured. I enjoyed seeing the different styles from different cultures, especially the African head wraps.

Head Wrap Fashion Show
Beautiful designs were featured at this head wrap fashion show.

Fashion Show Photos

Fashion Show Photos

Fashion Show

Interfaith Panel Discussion

I was looking forward to hearing the discussions of the interfaith panel because I wanted to learn more about spiritual head covering. The panel featured discussions about spiritual head coverings in the faiths of Sikhism, Islam, Orthodox Judaism, and Christianity. A Nigerian princess also spoke at the interfaith panel.

Interfaith Panel Discussion
Zarinah El-Amin Naeem introduces the panelists at the Interfaith Panel Discussion at the Headwrap Expo in Dearborn, Michigan.
Interfaith Panel
The Interfaith Panel Discussion at the Headwrap Expo

Many men and women wear head coverings for faith-based reasons. For instance, I am a Christian and I wear a head covering for religious reasons pertaining to my Christian faith. For me, hearing how devout each speaker was to their faith and their commitment to wear a head covering was very encouraging. Even though my faith is different from most of the other speakers, it was still inspiring to know there are other people who practice wearing a head covering to honor their faith.

Wrapunzel, fashion shows, and an interfaith panel are a few highlights of The Headwrap Expo in… Click To Tweet

Other Favorites

Another favorite was the artisan market place. A variety of vendors showcased unique products such as fabric for headwraps, scarves, jewelry, clothing and much more.

At the closing ceremony, Zarinah asked for the audience to make a community love pledge to show more love to one another in our communities. It is a strong message that definitely needs to be spread throughout the Detroit area, the United States, and the world.

Community Pledge

The expo concluded with a beautiful dance. Audience members were also invited to participate in the dance.  Zhen, my three-year-old, loved the dance the most. She was dancing around the women and trying really hard to move to the center of the dance floor to dance with the others.

I loved everything about The Headwrap Expo! I loved attending the head wrap workshops, seeing the fashion shows, and shopping at the artisan marketplace. The Interfaith Panel really was also a great experience for me. I learned more about spiritual head covering. It also taught me how to love and respect others with differing beliefs.

If you are in the Detroit area next year, I highly recommend you attend the Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo! I know I am looking forward to next year’s event!

Final dance at expo.

Traditional African Dance

Leading the dance



Community Dance

Community Dance


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