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Why I Highly Recommend Highly Favored Photography

Today’s post is sponsored by Highly Favored Photography of Auburn Hills, Michigan.


A couple of weeks ago we had our family pictures made by Highly Favored Photography, a Metro Detroit-based photography business. Before that, we had never had family pictures done. At all! Sure, the kids have had professional photos taken. And yes, I’m a photographer, and I have taken photos of my husband and children. But we have never had our photographs taken together as a family by a professional photographer. Unless you count Christmas last year.

Last Christmas, I really wanted to get a good photograph of my family. I think we went out for pictures on December 23rd or Christmas Eve. I can’t remember the exact date. But what I do remember is it was freezing cold outside and nobody wanted to be out in the cold taking family pictures. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I used my tripod to capture a family photograph of the six of us together. And although the photograph came out decent, the entire experience was…well…not so good. We had to remove our coats, so we were very cold. Except for Elijah; he kept his Michigan coat on because it went well with his outfit.


Good Life Detroit Family Photo
Our Christmas photo from last year. We braved the cold, and I don’t think we’ll do that anytime soon!


The baby’s nose was turning red. Everybody was getting cranky, including me because I couldn’t get a good shot of us. I had to keep setting the timer on my camera and running back to our spot. Back and forth. Back and forth. Yeah. Never again.

Not to mention, I didn’t have the proper camera gear for portrait photography. I’m more a street photographer, and I guess I thought it would be so super easy to just throw my camera up on the tripod and snap a few shots. It wasn’t easy. I definitely needed the right equipment for our photos.

So when my family was invited to have our pictures taken, I was very quick to say, “YES!” Thank you Highly Favored Photography for doing such an amazing job on our family pictures! You guys, if you live in the Detroit or metro area, you have to hire Stanley and Tiffany Jordan for your next photography session! Let me tell you why:

Who is Highly Favored Photography?

Founded in 2009, Highly Favored Photography is a Metro Detroit-based professional photography business. Stanley W. Jordan, Jr. is the owner and photographer of Highly Favored Photography. Together he and his wife Tiffany run their professional photography business in Metro Detroit.


Highly Favored Photograpy
I’m so happy to finally have a professional headshot!

Highly Favored Photography Specialties

Stanley specializes in engagement photography, family portraits, senior portraits, and wedding photography. He shoots on-location in Detroit and the metro area. He is even willing to travel if needed. For instance, if you have a wedding in Traverse City, Michigan, Stanley will travel to photograph your wedding!

But he doesn’t just specialize in photography. Stanley also creates beautiful heirlooms for his clients. I had the opportunity to view examples of his work, and I was really impressed! He will create a customized photo album with beautifully selected photographs from your wedding. It is a great way to treasure loving memories of your special day.

Other specialties of Highly Favored Photography include digital files, prints, and professional retouching. Stanley also uses Canon camera products and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for editing.


Highly Favored Photography

Studio Photography

One of the unique features Highly Favored Photography offers is a photography session in their in-home studio. When you think of a photography studio, you may picture an office building or studio in a warehouse. Stanley and Tiffany actually welcome their clients into their home for studio photography.

My family and I found Highly Favored’s studio photography to be a very positive experience. Stanley and Tiffany were not only very professional, but they were also very inviting. I liked the option of having our pictures taken at their in-home studio because it felt more welcoming to me. It was as if I was just hanging out at my friend’s house. Plus, with my little ones, they were not as nervous about having their picture taken. The sweet treats probably helped, too!


Stanley and Tiffany are parents of a very handsome baby boy, so when it comes to family, they understand. They are great with children and they understand your child’s needs. Stanley and Tiffany knew the importance of making my two little ones feel comfortable. Zhen (age 3) is usually very shy around new faces, but Stanley and Tiffany helped Zhen feel right at home. Zechariah enjoyed the photography session, too. He just thought it was funny to smile after his picture was taken.


Highly Favored Photography

What we thought of Highly Favored Photography?

We loved it! During the photo shoot, Stanley showed us a preview of our pictures on his camera. I liked this because it gave us the opportunity to decide if we liked the photograph or wanted to try for a different pose. Stanley also knew how to position the family and gave us great direction on how to pose for our photos.

Our photo session was completed within an hour. We received previews of our photographs that same weekend. Our digital prints were ready within a week. So the turn-around time is very quick. Also, when we received our previews, we were able to request a different background. Stanley’s response time was quick and he was happy to make the change.


Highly Favored Photography
We love Highly Favored Photography, and we will definitely have our family photos taken by them again!


Many thanks to Stanley and Tiffany Jordan, owners of Highly Favored Photography! Contact Highly Favored Photography for all of your photography needs! 

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Highly Favored Photography


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