KidloLand App Review + Giveaway!

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*This is a sponsored post by KidloLand. In exchange for my honest review of the app, KidloLand gave my family a free subscription package. This is my honest opinion of my family’s experience with KidloLand app for preschoolers and toddlers.  


kidlolandappWe’re on Week 4 of our Fall homeschool semester, and everything is going really well. Elijah and Michala (my teens) are settled in with their new school schedule, and my toddlers Zhen (age 3) and Zechariah (age 15 months) are enjoying learning new preschool concepts.

Now, Zechariah, of course, is too young to fully grasp preschool education. But he loves the one-on-one time I have with Zhen and him. When my teens are busy with their lessons, I play with Zhen and Zechariah and then we do a couple of structured learning activities together.


One learning activity I have implemented with our preschool studies is computer time. For computer time, I have Zhen and Zechariah play educational games on the tablet. We use websites such as Starfall and PBS Kids.

A few weeks ago, KidloLand reached out to me to try their new app for kids. I thought it would be a perfect fit for our computer time activities, so I accepted their offer. I am so glad I did because my little ones absolutely LOVE KidloLand!


Zhen and Zechariah love the beautiful, bright colors and the songs. They love playing the games and following along with the stories. KidloLand has been a wonderful asset for Zhen and Zechariah. So today I am going to share the reasons why we love KidloLand.

KidloLand is a Kid Safe certified app for preschoolers and toddlers. The app features 575+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories,learning activities, and games for children. There are 100+ educational activities such as counting games, a complete phonics section, and learning games.

KidloLand Giveaway

KidloLand is very musical.

We loved how musical the app is. Zhen and Zechariah love music. They love singing and dancing. Sometimes Zhen will turn a song on, put the tablet down, and start dancing. Zechariah follows his big sister and starts dancing with her, too. It’s the cutest thing.

Song interaction keeps kids engaged.

Another thing my little ones love about the music is how interactive the music videos are. While the songs are playing, they can touch different characters and objects in the video and they do different things. For instance, a character might play an instrument or dance. I like this feature about the video because it keeps them busy and they’re not just watching a video.

I must confess, when I discovered this feature, I was instantly hooked and I kept playing different songs with Zhen and Zechariah just to see what characters and objects would move during the song!

After waking up from his nap, Zechariah watches Zhen play on the tablet.

Easy to-do puzzles.

Another favorite feature of the KidloLand app are the puzzles. Zhen absolutely loves puzzles! She has a box full of puzzles at her our house. She also loves computer puzzles. So when she discovered the puzzles on KidloLand she was very excited!

One of the great features about KidloLand is no ads and no spam! Very kid-friendly! Click To Tweet

No ads or spam!

This is a BIG favorite of ours. My husband and I will constantly look for kid apps on the Play Store so out toddlers can play a game. One of the frustrating things we have found is most of those games feature ads/spam. And when Zhen or Zechariah play a game, they click on the ads not understanding it is something they shouldn’t click on. Then we have to close out of the web page which pops up and open the game back.

But thankfully, KidloLand does not have ads on its app. Once you open the app, you do not have to worry about your child closing out of it. From our experience, Zhen and Zechariah did not close out of the app unintentionally. It made their play time so much more enjoyable.


KidloLand is kid-friendly.

KidloLand app is very kid-friendly. It has a simple interface which features the menu of activities the child can select. Once the child touches their activity of choice, it goes directly to the activity. There are no confusing features such as “Play Now” or “Demo”.

I was very impressed with how easy it was for my 15 month old to navigate the KidloLand app. You know, my 1 year old doesn’t understand how to use electronic devices. So one of the great things about KidloLand is after I select an activity for Zechariah, he can touch the activity and it stays on the selection and he doesn’t get frustrated about it closing out because he accidentally touched the wrong feature.


Downloadable features can also be used offline. 

The downloadable activities and songs are a great favorite of my husband’s. When you first open KidloLand, you have to download the activities and songs to your app. Don’t worry, it’s all featured in the app so you don’t have to download and open files and then reopen the app. It’s all very simple. And once the activities are downloaded, your child can use play the activities offline so you’re not using up your data on your device.

I do recommend when you first open your KidloLand app, a parent downloads the activities because it can be a little confusing to a young child. But once the activities are downloaded, it is very easy for a little one to use.

And lastly, we absolutely love how educational the KidloLand activities are! I know many parents worry about their children having too much screen time or playing inappropriate games. KidloLand is age appropriate for preschoolers and toddlers and it also encourages learning concepts such as counting and letter recognition.


KidloLand would love to offer a FREE 3 month subscription to 5 lucky winners!

Here are the entry options for the giveaway:

1) Like & 5 star rating to KidloLand on Facebook.
2) Follow KidloLand on Twitter.
3) Follow KidloLand on Instagram.
4) Follow KidloLand on Pinterest.
5) And don’t forget to Share and/or Retweet about the Giveaway! Use the hashtag #kidloland!
Participant entries can be worldwide.
I will announce the winners on October 11, 2016! Best of luck!


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To download KidloLand to your electronic device, refer to the following links:

Nursery Rhymes For Kids on Google Play Store
KidloLand (iOS)
KidloLand on the Amazon Appstore


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41 Comment

  1. Sheila says: Reply

    Haha, I love that your kids will dance to the music. My son loves music and starts dancing whenever he hears it!

    1. Hi, Shelia! My kids are always singing and dancing. lol 🙂

  2. Whitney says: Reply

    Im always searching for new, educational Apps for my daughters, will have to try this one! Thanks!

    1. This one is a good one! Make sure you enter the giveaway I have going on. You could win 3 months free! My toddlers love KidloLand!

  3. I just downloaded this app and Liam LOVES it! Loved your review!

    1. I’m so glad Liam loves KidloLand! It is such a cute app and I love the educational activities.

  4. This app looks like a lot of fun! Definitely checking it out for my kids.

  5. Jacki says: Reply

    My daughter loves this app and I love that she’s learning while playing!

    1. I love this part about KidloLand, too! Learning while playing is a fantastic thing.

  6. no ads is huge! i hate when ads pop up in kids apps!

  7. This is too cool! my kids are 13, 16 and 24 years old. We certainly didn’t have these types of gadgets then…

    1. Thanks, Tanya! Yeah, I remember when my teens (now 16 and 14) were toddlers we did not have the luxury of a tablet. Lol! 🙂

  8. This has a ton of options! My girls would definitely love it. Your family is so cute by the way 🙂

    1. Thank you, friend! 🙂

  9. Ty says: Reply

    I don’t have little ones but I will pass this along to my niece. I think my nephew would love this app and anything that teaches is always a plus. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Ty! I think your niece and nephew would enjoy KidloLand. 🙂

  10. Tia says: Reply

    You had me at no ads and no spam! I do not have children but I am always trying to find fund educational games and apps that I can use when I have my niece. This looks like a great option to consider, thank you.

    1. Heck, even for adults the ads and spam on apps are annoying, right? 🙂 I hope your niece enjoys KidloLand. It’s a great app!

  11. What a fun app. Since kids are on devices younger and younger nowadays, I’m a big fan of anything educational!

    Coming Up Roses

  12. I considering homeschooling. I’m not sure if it’s ever to early to think about, but I’m think of doing virtual lessons. We already use YouTube and books even now, but what type of scheduling advice can you give a mom with a very active 1 year old?

    1. Hi, Lucy! That’s great that you are thinking about homeschooling in the future. I don’t think it’s ever too early to think about because homeschooling is such an important decision. KidloLand is a great app which focuses on learning activities such as counting numbers and phonics. My 15 month old enjoys the songs and touch screen capabilities for the games. While my 3 year old understands the activities and games more and can interact with it better.

      As far as scheduling advice for an active 1 year old, I have four children ages 16, 14, 3, 15 months. I have to have them on a structured scheduled in order to get school studies completed. I recommend first you choose a schedule that works best for baby and you. Don’t stress about following a schedule other people use. Do what you feel is best for your baby. Also, allow room for flexibility because not every day will be the same and things will come up. And lastly, when creating a schedule for an active 1 y/o, I would do activities in short increments like 10-15 minutes. Allow more time for playing, too. Children at a young age learn through play. Hope this helps you! 🙂

  13. My daughter is all about apps lately, I’ll have to check this one out, thanks!

  14. Kemkem says: Reply

    This looks like a great app for kids, especially the spam free aspect of it. My friend’s kid was always buying stuff without her knowledge once he got old enough :-). Times sure have changed!

    1. Oh no! My toddler almost did this on an app, too. That’s why I love KidloLand- no ads! No worries!

  15. My dude loves this app and this mama too! No ads make it that much more awesome 🙂

  16. Bless you for homeschooling! I don’t know how you do it! (Sounds like your kiddos are thriving!) And what a great app! My kids are a little old for it, but I’ll ask my mama friends with younger kids if they’ve tried it. 🙂

  17. Sounds like a fantastic learning app! so great that there are no ads and spam!

  18. LOVE!!! This is such a amazing giveaway!!!!!!!!

  19. Sheila Jo says: Reply

    The no ads feature is a big plus!

  20. Bailey says: Reply

    Oh I need to check this out!!! How fun!

  21. Maggie says: Reply

    This is so cool! I had never heard of this app! This looks like something my daughter will love in the near future! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Tia says: Reply

    Seems like an awesome educational gift! My nephew would love it. I like that there aren’t ads or pop ups because he’s always clicking on those.

  23. I considered homeschooling for my girls, but we didn’t have the kind of supplemental educational tools that are available now. We loved Starfall and ABCMouse. Kidlo looks like the perfect evolution to those websites in app form.

  24. I think that my son would love this app! Checking it out!

  25. Kerry says: Reply

    We love KidLoLand! Such fun games and songs. We are taking the iPad on our upcoming flight because I know this app will keep her entertained.

  26. Joanna says: Reply

    looks like a cool app. My sister is always looking for educational games for her kids. I’ll definitely share.

  27. Artney says: Reply

    This is such an awesome app! I love that you can play offline. I will share this with my sister for her boys!

  28. Aly Funk says: Reply

    My little one would love this app! Looks so fun!

  29. So awesome! I love hearing about new apps that are actually educational! I’love have to check this one out for my kids!

  30. my daughter is the same way with any kid of music haha! she would probably love this app when she gets older

  31. Ashley says: Reply

    I need to look into this for my 4 yr old!

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