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20 Must-Have Kitchen Essentials for Your Home

A new year means new home decor. Am I right? I don’t know why, but every time it’s a new year, I get this urge to redecorate my home. I think it’s because I want a fresh look in my home. It helps motivate me to start new goals, and also, it’s pretty cool to have a fresh, new style. 🙂 Are you that way, too? Do you like to redecorate your home every new year?

I started my home decor project in the middle of December to get a jump start on things. So far, it’s been going pretty good. We had to put our painting on hold for a couple of weeks, but we plan to start the painting again next weekend. I did finish the kitchen dining area, though. Yay! The wall decor is complete and I even found a very lovely vintage tablecloth for our cozy, vintage kitchen table.

My vintage kitchen tablecloth is one of my latest buys for our kitchen.

A few home decor projects I am currently working on:

kitchen area

living room (family photo gallery and collecting vintage paintings)

my office space

the toddlers’ play area (which we have dubbed “The Z Pad”)

A little peek inside of part of our kitchen. It’s a small space, but also nice and cozy.

Kitchen Decor

The Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection is just beautiful. Have you seen it? It’s Target’s latest home and lifestyle brand by Chip & Joanna Gaines.

Every time I go to Target, I walk down their aisle and just admire the beautiful decor. I am really feeling the decorative plants and this White Dogwood Stem is on my list to put up in my kitchen.

White Dogwood Stem (“46) by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $12.99


Flower Columbine, $83.95 (Get 75% off when you use the code LT75NOW)

Flower Larkspur, $83.95 (SALE – 75% off, use CODE LT5NOW)

Set of 3 Wall Buckets, $15.98

Green Herbs Kitchen Rug, $12.99

White Dogwood Stem, $12.99

Rustic Metal Watering Can Planter, $19.99 (ON SALE, $11.99)

Small Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen is not complete without its appliances. A few of our favorite appliances in our kitchen are the Crock Pot, Deep Fryer, and French Press.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Bodum Eileen French Press Coffee Maker from Germack Pistachio Co. in Detroit’s Eastern Market. It is my absolute favorite thing in my kitchen right now! Writer Cheryl Robinson, the author of the Until Ray Trilogy, introduced me to the French Press, and my life has been forever changed. How did I go through my adult life and not know about the French Press?!

I love to begin my mornings with my French Press coffee blended with fresh lavender. I bought Germack’s Whole Bean Decaf coffee (#breastfeedingmama) and fresh lavender. I honestly believe it makes my mornings brighter and happier. 🙂

If you go to Germack to buy some coffee, they will happily ground the beans for you. Just tell them what you use to make your coffee and they will hook you up!

My new French Press from Bodum has forever changed my love for coffee!
In my opinion, French Press coffee tastes so much better! Do you have a preference for how your coffee is made?

Here are the links to the small kitchen appliances we like to use in our kitchen (and a few on our wish list):


Crock Pot® 8-Quart – Programmable Slow Cooker, $59.99 (ON SALE, $50.99)

12-pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set, $39 (ON SALE, $33.15) (*Wish List)

Kamenstein® 20-Jar Revolving Spice Rack, $28.99 (*Wish List)

Detroit Coffee Mug, $25.75 (*Wish List)

Hamilton Beach 2-Liter Deep Fryer, $24.88

Thermos 16-oz. Magenta Desk Mug, $16.48 (This is a MUST when you’re chasing around your toddlers! No more microwaving your coffee over and over, which is just gross anyway.)


Other Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen essentials such as an apron, a cookbook, dish soap, and hand lotion are also items I like to have in our kitchen. Travis and I love cooking and we are always consulting various cookbooks or creating our own recipes. Here’s a cookbook I recently wrote about – Palate Passport. Written by Neha Khullar, Palate Passport features many recipes from around the world!

Of course, you need a good apron to protect your clothing from food spills while you’re cooking. I found this cute African-style apron from the Sandoodles Etsy Shop. Kitchen gloves are also another great kitchen essential you need for cleaning your kitchen and washing dishes. Having a big family means we’re washing dishes around the clock (at least it seems that way!) so we like to use kitchen gloves to protect our skin from drying out.


Yaya Maria’s All-Natural Dish Soap

Speaking of washing dishes, I discovered this all-natural dish soap called Yaya Maria’s. To my surprise, the small business is based in Flint, Michigan! One of the many reasons why I love Yaya Maria’s is its lavender scent. When I use it to wash my dishes, my entire kitchen smells like lavender. (You may notice a trend here. I am a BIG lover of all things lavender!)


Here are the product ingredients of Yaya Maria’s all-natural dish soap:

Click the image to read all of the wonderful benefits of using Yaya Maria’s All-Natural Soap.
Pin this to save for later! 🙂


A few other kitchen essentials I like to keep in our kitchen:

Kitchen Apron for Kids, $21.40 (Because it’s so much fun cooking with your kids!)

Lavender Vanilla Yankee Candle – 22-oz., $18.68

Yaya Maria’s All-Natural Dish Soap, 3-pack for $18 (Get 10% OFF your order with the code NATURAL)

SheaMoisture 100% Raw Shea Butter – 10.5 oz., $10.99


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If you’d like more information about Yaya Maria’s All-Natural Dish Soap, you can watch the YouTube video below or read their FREE e-book here.



What kitchen essentials do you like to keep in your home?


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