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A Stroll Down Library Street

How was your weekend? I didn’t post yesterday because we were busy running errands and getting paperwork together in regards to Travis’ recent unemployment. It’s been a busy time for us with this recent job loss. There are moments when everything is good and then there are moments when we feel stressed and a bit emotional.

A little good news today: Travis has two job interviews later this week! We’re praying for a job that is a good fit for Travis’ career goals and our family.

I know this is a temporary season in our lives, but it sure is hard. Right when we thought we were getting back on our feet, another unexpected job loss knocked us down. We’re doing all that we can to remain positive and keep our faith. As I mentioned before, some days are harder than others.

One thing we’ve been doing to keep our spirits up is taking the kids out exploring the city. I like to call them field trips since we homeschool. There are so many free things to do in Detroit and the metro area, and they make for great learning experiences for the kids!

This week we have a few fun things planned for the kids. We’re hoping to visit The Detroit Institute of Art, the Detroit Public Library, and Belle Isle. All beautiful sights to see and FREE! Hey, when you’re on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with free attractions for the family, right?

Yesterday, we had an unexpected trip to The Morley’s Chocolate Factory in Clinton Township, Michigan. (That’s in the Metro Detroit area.) I’ll share photos of our trip to the chocolate factory on a different day. Today I wanted to show you photographs from when we took a short walk down Library Street. (It was short because it was so cold outside.)


Here are a few pictures from our walk down Library Street in Downtown Detroit.

Michala in front of the Detroit Public Library Rose and Robert Skillman Branch. I just love this entrance.


“Let Man Be Free”


It was actually pretty cold outside on this day, but it was still nice to walk around for a little bit.


Zhen also loves exploring the city with me. She always gets excited when I tell her we’re going to Downtown Detroit.



A view of Library Street.


Library Street Collective


Peeking in the window of Library Street Collective.


Walking down Library Street.


The People Mover


Vincente Cuban Cuisine


This denim coat used to be my dad’s coat. He sent it to Travis to have, but I love it so much that I wear it all of the time. LOL! It’s very warm.


Shepard Fairey Detroit mural
Shepard Fairey Detroit Mural


Michala was pretty cold. I don’t think she liked my idea of a short walk on Library Street.



Queens Bar Detroit



What are your thoughts?