New Job? New Hairstyle!

How was your weekend?

We didn’t do anything too exciting. The weather is still cold so we’re not able to take the baby and toddlers outside like we’d like. It’s a bummer, too, because it’s April and yet it feels like December! We even had a few snow showers last week. Thank goodness it didn’t stick.

Although, I know some of my friends who live in the east had a blast of snow. If we had a snowstorm in the spring, I’d be saying a few colorful words. Haha. I’d get over it, though, and probably use the snowy weather as a good excuse to stay home and binge watch my favorite TV shows and eat a lot of good food.


My Favorite TV Show Right Now

Speaking of binge-watching TV shows, right now Michala and I are hooked on the K-Drama Shopping King Louie. We’ve been streaming it on Hulu. (I hate the commercials, even though we pay a monthly fee for it.) I am hooked on this show, you guys!


Shopping King Louie (MBC Drama Production) stars Seo In-guk and Nam Ji-hyun


It’s a romantic comedy about a young, wealthy man named Louie who is in an accident and has amnesia. He is also heir to his family’s company. Louie meets Bok-Shil, a young woman who is of the working class and she finds Louie wearing her younger brother’s clothes. Since Bok-Shil’s younger brother has gone missing, she believes Louie knows her brother. Bok-Shil ends up helping Louie and taking care of him in hopes Louie will help her find her brother.

Louie has a lot of lavish spending habits, a trait from his rich life, and Bok-Shil tries to teach Louie how to be more responsible and find joy in living a simple life. Louis ends up changing and the two fall in love. There are, of course, a lot of twists and turns in the storyline which also makes the show very interesting. There are sixteen episodes on the show and we are on episode 12. I definitely recommend adding Shopping King Louie to your watch list!


Shopping King Louie
The Shopping King Louie cast with director Lee Sang-yeob. (Photo courtesy Tenasia)


Update on Unemployment

I’ve had a few people send me messages to offer words of encouragement about Travis’ job loss. Everyone has been very kind in offering advice and encouraging us during a time of uncertainty. It has been stressful, to say the least, but I think we have done a great job with remaining strong and working through it.

Travis hasn’t found full-time employment yet but he did get hired to work a temporary job assignment in Metro Detroit. We’re grateful for the opportunity even if it is for only a few weeks. These last six months have felt like we’re living a different life. I guess in a way we are living a different life because (1) we had a new baby, (2) we’re adjusting to being a family with five kids, and (3) Travis lost his job.


This season of unemployment has been challenging, but we are grateful and stronger for it.


We’re learning many valuable lessons during this time and I have to say, I am starting to feel grateful for the experience. On a different day, I’ll have to write about why I feel grateful for going through a season of unemployment.


Rockin’ a New Hair Style

So I made a big change that was not planned AT ALL. I cut my hair. Eek! It was a spur of the moment decision that I must say I am glad I did. I am currently transitioning from wearing a headcovering to wearing my hair out and my hair was very dry from wearing the headcovering. (That’s another post I need to share in the future: my headcovering journey.)

I just couldn’t take my hair being so dry anymore so I asked Travis and Michala to help me cut my hair. I have my own set of hair scissors I use for cutting out knots when I detangle my hair. Hey, #naturalhairlife! I also just started cutting the toddlers’ hair because it saves us money.


Rockin’ a new hairstyle!


I was really nervous about cutting my hair because I have been wanting to grow my hair out. I also have postpartum hair loss, unfortunately, so I felt cutting my hair would also help a little with the hair loss issue. I’m really happy with the way my hair turned out and I love my new hairstyle! I think it is just what I needed to make my hair healthy again and for a boost in my confidence.

What do you think?



Hope you have a blessed week! 

Jennifer xoxo


What are your thoughts?