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Future’s So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

Happy Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend? I’m looking forward to attending a holiday party tonight and then spending the rest of the weekend with my family. We’re finally going to put up our Christmas tree. (We usually put it up mid-December.)

Before heading into the weekend, I wanted to share with you a cool sunglasses subscription service I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It’s called SubApollo and they have the hottest sunglasses! 


“Star Gazer” is SubApollo’s winter collection.


About SubApollo

SubApollo is a seasonal subscription service where you get two pairs of sunglasses every three months. That means you will receive eight new pairs a year. The price is very affordable, too, for only $15.95 per box!

Every pair is hand selected based on your style preference. You just enter your information on SubApollo’s website and they curate it to fit your style. Shipping is also free to SubApollo customers, and if you no longer want to receive the subscription service, you can cancel at any time. Pretty sweet deal, right?



Michala loves her Star Gazer sunglasses from SubApollo.


SubApollo Sunglasses
Future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades!


What We Love About SubApollo 

I was excited to try SubApollo because I love the cool designs. My favorites were the winged-sunglasses. Michala really loved the round sunglasses. She says she likes how they can go with any outfit. She also loved how the sunglasses worked well with wearing when it snows. “I noticed when I put them on, I felt like I could actually open my eyes. It reduced the brightness and I didn’t have to squint.”

SubApollo’s product feels solid and sturdy. They don’t feel cheaply made like some sunglasses you get at the store. Now, they’re not designer brand sunglasses, but we think the SubApollo sunglasses are good for wearing seasonally and when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on sunglasses.


The sunglasses come inside of its own bag. This would be great to keep in your handbag.


The sunglasses are also wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it during shipping.


Two pairs of sunglasses for $15.95 is not a bad deal at all.


Our Thoughts on SubApollo

We would purchase the subscription service to wear because we love the fashionable styles and affordable price. As a mom of teens, I would definitely purchase SubApollo sunglasses subscription box service for Elijah and Michala. I think this would also make a great gift for their birthday or for the holidays. I recommend SubApollo’s sunglasses and they’re teenager-approved by Michala. 🙂 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!




Today’s post is sponsored by SubApollo, the #1 rated subscription box service for sunglasses. Good Life Detroit received sample sunglasses in exchange for a review of SubApollo’s product. All opinions are 100% our own. Click here to read our disclosure policy.





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