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Teen Fashion: Michala’s Top 5 Sweatshirt Picks for Summer

Sweatshirts in summer? Yes, it’s a thing and here’s why your teen probably thinks it’s cool:

Mixing styles is fun! Just ask Michala. She loves mixing patterns and styles that normally wouldn’t go together. She finds her fashion inspiration from her favorite KPOP singers like V from BTS and Taeyeon from SNSD. Both KPOP stars are known to have an eclectic style mixing colors and patterns.

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Easier to carry around. Sometimes it gets a little chilly at night or when the weather is rainy. Teens usually don’t like to lug around their jacket. Trust me – I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to tell my own teens to bring a jacket when we go out somewhere. Having a sweatshirt instead of a jacket makes it easier to carry.

Says Michala of her French sweatshirt: “I like the French phrase because it makes people think I’ve been to Paris. I like the color because it’s not too bright. I don’t like bright colors.”

Fun designs. There are a lot of cool sweatshirt designs and graphics like this floral embroidered pullover from Forever 21.

Goes with anything. The great thing about wearing a sweatshirt in summer is it can go with just about anything like dresses, jeans, shorts, and skirts.


Here are Michala’s top five summer sweatshirt picks:


FRIENDS Sweatshirt |Urban Outfitters |$49 

Michala and I love to binge-watch Friends on Netflix late at night. It’s our go-to show when I’m braiding her hair.


Gravity Falls Mabel’s Rainbow Star Sweatshirt | Hot Topic | $26.32 – 29.52

Hot Topic is one of Michala’s favorite retailers. She loves the current trends featured, like her favorite TV show Riverdale.

Ren And Stimpy Graphic Sweatshirt

Ren and Stimpy Graphic Sweatshirt | Forever 21 | $24.90

This is a throwback from my teenage years. Michala likes the color and design of the sweatshirt. “I like watching old cartoons and I like having clothes with the design of the old cartoon.”

Stranger Things Graphic Off-the-shoulder Sweatshirt | Target | $19.99

“I like that the design is dark because Stranger Things is a creepy show and I’m into the creepy stuff if that makes sense. The stuff that people wouldn’t be interested in.”

BTS Sweatshirt | Walmart | $11.99

Saving the best for last because BTS is Michala’s absolute favorite KPOP band. When she saw this sweatshirt, she got so excited. She’d probably wear this shirt every single day. (Here’s a secret: I ordered it for her so she’s going to be really surprised when it arrives in a few days!)


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