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I Promise to Take My Camera Wherever I Go

I realized something the other day: I haven’t really used my camera to take pictures of the kids and our family outings. I’ve been using my smartphone and posting our adventures on my Instagram Stories. As much as I love using the Insta-Stories feature, the images and short videos I capture cannot be printed out for photo albums or saved for later. Also, there’s just something about capturing those special family moments with your personal camera.

It’s sad, really, because Zephaniah is almost 11-months-old and most of his baby moments have been caught on a social media app. That kind of bugs me. So last week, I pulled my camera out of the camera bag and put it in my tote. I like to bring a tote bag with me when we go places (even to the grocery store) just in case I need a change of clothes or to freshening up my makeup. Having five kids has taught me to always be prepared. Yes, that means even if I need to change my clothes because one of my littles got food on my shirt or I sat in something weird. Believe me, it has happened!

I made this promise to myself to remember to bring the camera with me wherever we go and to snap more photos of Travis and the kids. Get in those photos with everyone, too. I think mothers are the least photographed people in families because we’re the ones always taking the pictures!

A few months ago, my dad and I were talking about photography. He told me he always takes his camera wherever he goes. “Why’s that?” I asked my dad. He said. “because you just never know when you’re going to need it.” You never know when there’s going to be a picture moment.

Touching the leaves on the tree…
He was giggling the whole time.

Last week, I had Michala and Zephaniah with me at Belle Isle. Zephaniah was fussy from being in the car seat (he hates the car seat). I took him out of his seat and told Michala we were going to just hang out at the river for a little while so he could get some fresh air.

It turned out to be a great idea. Once we started walking around the park and watching the boats sail by, he calmed down and was in a very happy mood.

I’m so happy I started using my camera again. If I would have just used my social media apps, then I wouldn’t have these perfect moments with my children. One of those moments, Michala caught on camera Zephaniah standing up by himself. It was a very random moment. I wasn’t expecting him to do that. I keep forgetting it’s about that time — time for him to start taking his first steps. (Why can’t he stay little just a little longer?)

It was a very brief moment that probably lasted less than a minute, but it was a beautiful capture. And my reaction…LOL! How funny!

A very real moment…my reaction shows it all!
Sweet baby kisses! I cherish every moment with my children.

After all of the excitement of Zephaniah standing, it was time to feed the baby. I just sat under the tree and nursed him while the wind blew a gentle, cool breeze. Michala walked up to the river and took pictures of the boats going by. I love moments like that. Happy and spontaneous.

Pulling the grass…
Mommy and baby…


The camera I use:

I use a Nikon D3100, but it’s hard to find in stores because it has been discontinued. You can get a similar Nikon DSLR here if you like. My Nikon has been a great beginner’s camera as I have been practicing my photography and learning more about the art!

The lens I use:

I use a 35mm lens for my wide shots. For portraits, I like to use a 50mm lens.

  1. Nikon 35mm Lens
  2. Nikon 50mm Lens


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All photos are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra



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