The Beauty of Aging: 10 Actresses’ Quotes About Getting Older

The thought of getting older used to stress me out. I remember when I got my first gray hair. I kind of freaked out about it. I wanted to pluck it from my head. How silly I was back then to get spooked by a gray hair. I was stressing myself out over nothing. Since then, I have come to my senses and I have learned to embrace my age and love myself at this very moment.

I now have sprinkles of gray throughout my curly hair and I love it! Travis tells me all of the time he loves my natural gray highlights, too. Drew Barrymore said she feels when you get older, your age is a stripe you earn and “it’s delicious and it’s wonderful.” I agree with you, Drew.

Photo from when I was 28.

“Getting Older Means Knowing Yourself”

When we reach another year of life it is a great blessing. I am now 37-years-old and I feel incredibly blessed to be on this great journey of womanhood. I am married to my best friend and together we share five wonderful children. I have accomplished many life goals that I am proud of and I feel like the best is yet to come.

I think, our society still has a long way to go to change the narrative on how we view aging. There definitely needs to be more encouraging and positive dialogue on the topic.

In a recent interview with AARP, actress Melissa McCarthy (age 50) said this about getting older:

“Getting older means knowing yourself, and if you know yourself, express it. That ripples out. It makes the world a happier place. When you’re in line for coffee and the older lady in front of you has a daisy-print blouse and a smile on her face and something to say about the world, you feel the magic of it.”

Melissa is on the cover of the April issue of AARP, and I love everything she said about getting older. I hope when I am older, I will have reached a point in my life where I feel like I truly know myself and I am not afraid to express it.


10 Actresses’ Inspiring Quotes on the Beauty of Aging

Here are ten inspiring quotes about aging from ten beautiful actresses I admire and love.


Viola Davis on the fear of aging (Essence Magazine)

“What’s released me most from the fear of aging is self-awareness,” she says. “I’ve never determined my value based on my looks or anything physical. I’ve been through a lot in life, and what has gotten me through is strength of character and faith.”


Angela Bassett on not being impervious to aging (People Magazine)

“Even though people tell me I’m impervious to aging, I’m not,” says Bassett. “The scale isn’t going down the way it used to. It used to be easier, even as much as a year ago.”

Angela Bassett at PaleyFest 2014 for the TV show “American Horror Story: Coven” (Photo courtesy Dominick D.)


Drew Barrymore on turning 43 (Drew Barrymore’s Instagram)

On Drew Barrymore’s 43rd birthday (February 22), she shared a video on her Instagram account talking about how she feels about turning 43. Drew said she was excited to turn 43 and “so happy to be getting older because getting older is better. It’s a stripe that you earn and it’s delicious and wonderful. Never fight age, it’s a losing battle. And just embrace getting better.”


Kate Winslet on the excitement of getting older (Hollywood Reporter)

“We live in a world now where young women are familiar with people saying, ‘Oh, well, you know you look good now, darling, but wait until you’re thirty,’ or, ‘Well, you’ve got nice legs now, but wait until you’re thirty.’ What’s this wait until you’re 30? [Aging] gets more exciting. Aging is so far really fun and so much changes. You do feel more confident.”


Melissa McCarthy on getting older and approaching 50 (AARP)

“I’ve never minded getting older… I’ve never had that thing of, ‘Why can’t I still be 35?’ The older you are, the more interesting you are as a character. There’s a whole life history and knowledge of the world and self-possession that come from someone who has seen more. That experienced point of view is always more exciting. Yes, things may start to sag and shift, but the older you are, the wiser, the funnier, the smarter you are. You become more you.”

Melissa McCarthy
AARP The Magazine April/May 2018 Issue (PRNewsfoto/AARP)


Jessica Alba on looking forward to her 40s (Shape Magazine)

“My advice to anyone struggling with [finding themselves] is: turn 30 or have a kid. Both those things really helped me. I think it’s true that you get better with age. It’s weird cause society tells women that you’re at your peak when you’re like 18! But when you’re over 30 is when you really start to kind of get your feet underneath you. I’m 36 now and I feel great. And I think in my 40s I’m gonna be really dope. I’m really looking forward to that. Because you hope that you’re not kind of going backward in life and that you’re always learning and getting better.”


Gwyneth Paltrow on the beauty of aging (W Magazine)

“As you grow older everything becomes less binary. You really start to see and appreciate nuance and complexity. Many of us, especially as women, grow up in a culture in which there’s a right way to look and a wrong way to look, but I think there’s a really beautiful thing that happens with age, which is that you start to understand and categorize beauty in a different way. You really do see that it’s an internal process.”


Jada Pinkett Smith on the freedom of aging (ET Online)

“I think as you get older, you really get to the point where you just don’t care anymore what people think. There’s a certain freedom that comes with that, [which] you really don’t have when you’re young. With age comes a lot of wisdom and I’m happier now than I have ever been, so it’s good.”


Alicia Keys on gaining more clarity and wisdom with age (MSN Entertainment)

“I love what I do, I love music, it’s so powerful. What’s becoming more evident is that I’m becoming more powerful. I’m getting more clarity and more wisdom of what’s happening in the world and how to talk about it, how to access my feelings more.”


Vivica A. Fox on sharing her journey with menopause (Good Life Detroit)

“It’s part of life. It’s going to happen. And it’s like you just asked, ‘Do you know that you’re sexy right now?’ But do people also know that for the last few years, that’s what’s been going on in my life? I embraced it and I got in front of it. I didn’t let it define me or make me want to whittle away. I don’t know why with women, we can’t talk about our bodies and what we go through, share it with others, and not feel like we have to hide that from people. I’m sharing it, and I got in front of it and took care of myself. I really feel like it made me take good care of myself.”

Photo courtesy Vivica A. Fox


What about you? How do you feel about getting older?



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