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Happy Tuesday!

Our week started a little on the crazy side. It all started with Zechariah having a severe allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. At least, we think it was a mosquito bite that caused the reaction. He was bitten on Saturday after playing outside with Elijah, Zhen, and friends.

Sunday morning after waking up, he came down the stairs with his right eye swollen. Travis and I gasped and rushed over to him not knowing what’s wrong. We had never had this happen with one of the kids. After examining his eye, we concluded it had to be a reaction to a mosquito bite. I called our family doctor to get medical advice on how to treat it. The doctor recommended Benadryl and ice packs to help relieve the swelling.


Day 1 of Zechariah’s swollen eye.
Day 2: Swelling got worse.
At least, Zechariah had a sense of humor about his swollen eye!

On Monday, Zechariah’s right eye looked worse and he could barely see out of it. Thankfully, though, by the evening the swelling started going down. We could actually see his eye! Zechariah was so excited he could see a little better and he exclaimed, “I can see!”

It’s funny now, but at the time, everything was a little scary. Luckily, Zechariah found humor in the whole ordeal and would make little jokes about his swollen eye. Maybe he sensed Daddy and Mommy’s angst and he wanted to comfort us? Funny isn’t it?

All this time Travis and I have been comforting Zechariah because we were worried he might have a serious eye infection. Yet, Zechariah could pick up on our stress and worry so he wanted to make us feel better. He’s such a sweet little boy. He is my mischevious one out of the bunch, but he is also very caring and loving.

All smiles despite the craziness.

If you know of any home remedies for mosquito bites, send them my way. I switched from the OFF bug repellant to a more natural based one. Zechariah wasn’t wearing any mosquito spray when he was bit, though. Hoping the new stuff works.

Tuesday — Zechariah’s eye is doing much better. The swelling has gone down considerably. Travis and I are feeling a lot better about it. Zechariah is still running around here cracking jokes yelling, “I can see!” Haha.

Other craziness going on around here:

The baby got into the house paint. He picked up a paintbrush and started painting his legs. Travis and I were actually pretty amazed Zephaniah knew to take a paintbrush and use it to paint. Of course, we cleaned him up and put the paint brushes away.

Zhen colored all over her arm with dry erase markers. She said she wanted to look like Violet from the Incredibles and have gloves just like her.

Then the kids got White Out on one of the couch cushions. Hope that stain comes out.

A few days ago, the cat had pooped on one of my new rugs I got from Target. Not too happy about that. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she had a pretty bad infection about a week ago. We had to take her to an animal hospital to see a vet. Cost us $300! We’re definitely glad she’s on the mend, but paying $300 is no fun. Thank God for savings.

Let’s see. What else?

There’s a new chocolate ice cream stain on the carpet in the kids’ play area. Toddlers again.

The baby cries if I literally turn my back to him. He gets so upset if I walk out of a room without him. It’s been a little challenging trying to get things done, but sometimes you just gotta be creative.

I still have to drop off clothing donations to the thrift store. It’s just been sitting in a corner upstairs for probably a good month now.

I forgot to mail my dad’s birthday present last week. He turned 81 on Sunday! Happy birthday, Dad!

I’m sure there are a few other crazy moments I’m leaving out, but I think you get the point. 🙂 Life can be crazy busy, especially when you have kids!

Happy 81st Birthday, Dad!

The good news is there have been many #momwins and cool things happening.

Travis and I had a date night last week…on a THURSDAY! We went to the Michigan Science Center’s After Dark event. The theme was Vintage Video Games. It was a lot of fun and I left really wishing I had my old NES and Super NES.

I still have been very productive so far this week. In fact, Travis and I took the weekend to just work on projects. He worked on his math homework and I worked on writing projects. I have been working hard on some creative projects. Feeling good about it, too.

Today, I managed to cook dinner early so Travis and I won’t have to worry about it this evening. That’s a big #MOMWIN right there!

Travis and I had a date last Thursday!
Detroit Ghostbusters
Travis at the Michigan Science Center in front of a Ghostbuster’s car. The theme for the event was Vintage Video Games.

So perhaps, this week isn’t off to a crazy start. This is just our normal for big family life. Sometimes it feels good to talk about it (or write about it in this case). Organize my thoughts and such, you know.

How’s your week going so far? If it’s a little bananas, then find a few good things that are blessing you right now. Count those as wins. It’s really going to be okay. You’re doing fine. 🙂

Here’s to a productive week!



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