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Why Brown Bag Your Kids’ Lunch When You Can Green Bag It?

Hi, friends! Today’s post is sponsored by Wise Apple. My family and I partnered with Wise Apple to try their lunch delivery service and share our thoughts with you. You can read more about sponsored posts here.


Toddler Life Means You Always Need to Pack Food

Whenever we go out exploring or to a city event, we always bring a “snack bag” with us for the kids. The teens usually pack their own snack and put it in their book bag, while Travis or I pack snacks for the toddlers in a Thermos lunch bag. Packing our own snacks really helps us save money and keep the little ones happy when we’re out and about.

When we went to the Sunday Family Fun Day at the Detroit Public Library, we packed a snack bag for the toddlers because we knew after a while they would be hungry. We were running behind schedule and I was trying to find something quick to make. I remembered we had our lunch packs from Wise Apple and threw those in the bag. It was perfect because the lunch packs were already made and sealed. Cut down on time big time.


Wise Apple
Broc’ on. Cute, little food cards came in our Wise Apple box.

Wise Apple

Have you heard of Wise Apple? 

It’s a lunch delivery service which serves the Midwest. They make this fabulous kid-friendly (and healthy!) lunches and send them straight to your house each week. You can customize your child’s food menu to meet her dietary needs and preferences. It’s pretty cool and my kiddos thought it was yummy, too!


The Midwest States Wise Apple Serves:



Zhen (4) snacking on a cookie from Wise Apple. I had packed the snacks in our snack bag for our trip to the Detroit Public Library.
Wise Apple
Zechariah (2) munching on a cookie from his Wise Apple pack.
Wise Apple
The toddlers also really loved the yogurt pretzels.

Other Cool Benefits of Wise Apple

Wise Apple uses organic, hormone-free, and GMO-free whenever possible. The recipes are also made with limited preservatives and no added fillers.

You can choose from a variety of food choices such as protein, fruit, vegetable, and a sweet treat (my kids’ favorite!).

The meals are designed to be eaten cold or at room temperature.

The packaging is BPA-free and recyclable.

The food order is delivered FRESH, each week to your doorstep. My kids were always so excited to see our Wise Apple box at our door. They were ready to open up the package and dig in!

Did I mention the premade meals saves you time? #busymomlife #momwin


Wise Apple
We also got this cute bag with our first order. It’s perfect for storing your lunch pack.
Wise Apple
My kids always got excited when they saw this cute, monster box from Wise Apple. | Photo courtesy Wise Apple


Receive $20 off your first week!

Want to try Wise Apple?

Use my code “DETROITLUNCH” and receive $20 off your first week!


To learn more about Wise Apple and place a subscription order, you can visit their official website here. 

Thank you for supporting the brands that support Good Life Detroit!


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