10 Tips for Using Your DFCUPerks for Online Shopping

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So you have your DFCU Perks app and you’re enjoying all of the mobile app deals and special benefits, right? But did you know there’s another “perk” to your DFCU Perks membership?

When you sign up for the DFCU Perks checking account through DFCU Financial, you are eligible for the DFCUPerks app. Your membership will give you access to 400,000 deals nationwide and other special benefits, like cellphone protection and roadside assistance.

Your DFCU Perks app will also connect you to an online database where you can access even more deals. Some of the deals are also featured on the app and some deals are only offered exclusively online.

My family and I have been enjoying using DFCUPerks! Read on to learn about my ten tips for using your DFCUPerks for online shopping! (Photo credit Jason Walker Photography)


When I sign into my DFCUPerks account online, I receive an alert of “Today’s Online Deal”. For instance, my daily online deal for Wednesday was 40% off retail items Jos. A. Bank.

Also featured on the main page of my DFCUPerks account is a search engine. I can enter my zip code to access deals in my local area or I can enter a zip code of a place I am traveling to for access to deals at that specific location.

DFCU Financial
Here is an example of a a daily online deal featured on my DFCUPerks online account.
The red circle indicates how I entered a zip code to access details in a specific location.

I live in Sterling Heights, which is about 22 minutes outside of Detroit. Whenever I go to Detroit to an event or to visit a friend, I like to look up deals in the city.

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I went to Eastern Market and I was able to access a coupon for Germack– one of my favorite coffee shops in Detroit. (Try their Ice Lavender Latte. It’s the best!)

Good Life Detroit
With my DFCUPerks app, I was able to access a deal for one my favorite coffee shops in Detroit. I love Germacks! Use your DFCUPerks app to get a discount there, too!


1. Sign up for the email alerts. You can find out about the latest deals via email. You don’t receive an excessive amount of marketing emails, either, so no worries about feeling bombarded by email alerts.

2. Use the “Categories” tab at the top of the menu bar to find deals in specific categories such as hotels, car rentals, groceries, or retail.

DFCU Financial
The red circle indicates how I clicked on the “Categories” feature to narrow my search.

3. Click the heart to save your favorite deals. When searching for deals online, click the heart to save a deal to your favorites list.

4. Use the “My Favorites” feature to access the deals you added to your favorites list. The list is great because it organizes your favorites into a “Local Deals” and “Online Favorites” group. This way you will know which deals are solely online.

The red circle indicates how I clicked on the heart to save my deal.
The Ten Nail Bar Detroit
You get a coupon for The Ten Nail Bar with your DFCUPerks app!

5. Print out coupons from the comfort of your home just in case the deal is not featured on your mobile device.

6. Keep in mind some of the deals change periodically so check the coupon’s expiration date.

7. Use your DFCUPerks for when you travel. If you’re planning on traveling, use your DFCUPerks account to access travel deals on car rentals and lodging. Every little bit helps!

8. Click the “new” tab on your online account to check out which new deals are featured. You just might find a happy surprise. I discovered for June’s deals there is a coupon for the Michigan Science Center and the Detroit Historical Museum. This deal wasn’t featured last month so I was really excited about it!

Good Life Detroit
Eating out at TGIFridays! I used my DFCUPerks app to get a discount on an appetizer.

9. Use the search drop-down menu. To really narrow your search, click the search drop-down menu. You can search deals by zip code, city, state, keyword, and merchants.

10. Refer one of your favorite merchants to the BaZing Savings Network. You can actually give a suggestion on a merchant you would love to see featured on the app. There is a form you fill out online and it’s super easy!

Detroit Blogger
Using your DFCUPerks app in Detroit and the metro area is easy and helps save money! (Photo credit Jason Walker Photography)

I love using my DFCUPerks to access deals on my mobile app and online! So far, I have used my DFCUPerks app to get deals at Germack, TGIFridays, JCPenney, Style Encore, and Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I even used my DFCUPerks app for roadside assistance when I accidentally locked my keys in my minivan at the grocery store! I didn’t have to pay for the service because the fee was under $80 (roadside assistance covers up to $80). It was a lifesaver for me!

There are so many wonderful reasons why you need to sign up for DFCU Financial’s DFCUPerks account. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

Good Life Detroit
Michala enjoying our visit at TGIFridays. We used a coupon from my DFCUPerks app to unlock a deal on a yummy appetizer!
Detroit Blogger
Mother-daughter time at TGIFridays! Thanks to my DFCUPerks app I was able to get free appetizer! It was yummy and we had a blast!


DFCU Financial launched two new checking accounts called DFCUPerks and DFUCPerks Plus. In order for you to have the DFCUPerks benefits, you will need to sign up for one of the DFUCPerks checking accounts.

It’s really easy to set up your checking account with DFCU. You can talk to a DFCU representative on the phone at 1-888-336-2700 or connect with DFCU in-person at your nearest branch.

DFCU members over the age of 18 can open a DFCUPerks or DFCUPerksPlus account. However, the Club, Conservator, Estate, Representative Payee, or Irrevocable Living Trust accounts are not eligible for DFCUPerks or DFCUSPerksPlus.

You can find out more about DFCUPerks and DFCUPerksPlus at www.dfcufinancial.com.


All images are courtesy of Good Life Detroit. Feature image courtesy of Jason Walker Photography.

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