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Photographs from the 2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Did you go to a Thanksgiving parade? 

I took Elijah and his friend Paul to the parade in Downtown Detroit on Thursday and we had a really good time. It was both of the boys’ first time attending the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade, more formally known as the America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Art Van. 

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It was really cold outside so we made sure to layer up on our clothing and wear our winter coats. I wore leggings under a pair of gray sweatpants, a tank top, long sleeve shirt, gray hoodie, winter coat, thermal gloves, a handmade crocheted scarf. My mom made the scarf for me about two years ago and it really keeps me warm. It’s also very special to me because, you know, handmade by Mom.

On this very cold Thanksgiving Day, I was not worried about being stylish. All I cared about was staying warm!  I still can’t get over how quickly the fall season has arrived. I’m still stuck in summer and already looking forward to it returning! I do not like the cold weather. At all!

Elijah, me, and Paul in front of the Christmas tree in Downtown Detroit. 11/23/17
I made sure I layered up on my clothing because it was super cold outside!

Our Favorite Parade Moments

Despite the cold weather, we enjoyed watching the big balloons and floats cruise down Woodward Avenue. I also really loved The Big Head Corps. My favorite Big Head was Father Sloanus. Elijah and Paul’s favorite part of the parade were the superheroes riding on horses.

Father Sloanus Casey Big Head Corps
Big Head Corps of Father Sloanus Casey
Big Head Corps Father Sloanus Casey
Big Head Corps of Father Sloanus Casey 11/23/17
Elijah and Paul liked the superheroes riding the horses. 11/23/17

Oh, hey, Big Sean!

We were close enough to the street to see Big Sean ride in the parade. Elijah said the rapper looked like just a regular guy. (He meant that in a good way.) To me, Big Sean looked really young. Maybe because I am 37 now; I don’t know. But it was pretty cool to see a celebrity in the parade.

Everyone, where we were standing at, seemed really excited to see Big Sean. Even people older than me knew who he was! I heard a young lady say she didn’t know who Big Sean was and then this older guy said to her, “What?! Are you crazy? That’s Big Sean!” Yes, kids, parents are cool, too. 🙂

Big Sean was the co-grand marshal of the 2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade.
Big Sean waves to the crowd at the 2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade.

When you see someone from your home state in the parade…

The people I was most excited to see in the Detroit parade was the Hunters Lane High School marching band from Nashville, Tennessee. Why? Because Tennessee is my home state! When I saw the band, I wanted to run out there and say, “Hey, Tennessee!” But that probably wouldn’t have been appropriate. I’m sure a security person would have picked me up to move me out of the way. LOL!

I was excited to see Hunters Lane High School from Nashville, Tennessee (my home state)!


Here are some more photos

I captured of the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade. 

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Elijah and Paul in front of the Christmas tree in Downtown Detroit.
Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools Marching Band
Welcome to Detroit
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Miss Michigan
Children dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz.
The American Flag
Shinola Detroit
2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
The Big Head Corps
Big Head Reindeer
The Big Head Corps
2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
Joe Louis of The Big Head Corps
2017 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
Detroit Pistons
I love Detroit!


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