We Didn’t Let the Heat Stop Us from Enjoying the Detroit Kite Festival

Last Sunday, Travis and I took the kids to the second annual 2018 Detroit Kite Festival at Belle Isle Park. It was a scorcher that day, let me tell you. As soon as we arrived at the event area, we were dripping with sweat. I made the terrible mistake of wearing makeup so I looked a hot mess.

My melted makeup definitely reflected how I was feeling– just plain hot and an absolute mess. Zephaniah was so sweaty that I had to take off his cute, little short overalls. He also wanted to nurse right then and there and I was just so miserably hot that I didn’t care. I whipped out the boob and fed my baby without a care in the world who saw me. It was that hot! And breastfeeding is natural so my thought process was, I dare someone to say something to me (#normalizebreastfeeding).

It was hotter than ever at the Kite Festival, you guys. My makeup was melting and I had to take off Zephaniah’s overalls.

But you know what, despite the crazy heat, our trip to the event was worth it. This was our second time attending the Detroit Kite Festival so I think we’ve officially established a family summer tradition. (#Winning)

You can ask Travis, I love making family traditions. I’m like a little kid going trick-or-treating on Halloween (another big family tradition of ours, by the way).

Detroit Kite Festival 2018
A beautiful butterfly kite on display at the 2018 Detroit Kite Festival.
2018 Detroit Kite Festival

But listen, you guys: I took way too many pictures of this event! Remember, when I said I’m going to taking more pictures of the family? Yeah, I think I may have gone just a little overboard at the Kite Festival. LOL! It’s all good, though. Just more memories to share as time goes on.

Our Kites for the 2018 Detroit Kite Festival

I was prepared for the kite festival this year. BIG #MomWin for me because usually, I am tardy to just about every party. I bought five kites just in case one of the kites lost a piece or got a hole in it. You just never know with my kids. Stuff happens ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

Four of the kites I ordered from Amazon Prime: the Hengda Kite company and then the fifth kite I ordered from Melissa and Doug. This one served as our backup kite.

All of the kites came in great condition. The material of the kites is ripstop polyester fabric. We didn’t have any issues with the kites getting holes or ripping during flight. In fact, the kites can get pretty high up in the air. Travis estimates Zhen’s mermaid kite got up to about 40 feet.

We only had one small issue with Zechariah’s dragon kite. We lost one of the rods to the kite. Luckily, there was a Kite Repair Tent at the festival and Travis was able to fix it.

The Kite Repair Tent was perfect for folks who needed to fix their kites during the festival.
Three people repairing a kite at the Kite Festival.

The Detroit Kite Festival Features

The Detroit Kite Festival had a really nice setup. There was live music, a kite shop for visitors to purchase kites, food trucks, and various activity tents. I’ll list our favorites below.

One of the things I liked about the kite festival was seeing adults and children enjoying the event and flying kites. It really brought out the kid in the adults. So many people were laughing and smiling. It just felt like such a joyous and peaceful event.

2018 Detroit Kite Festival
There was live music at the 2018 Detroit Kite Festival

2018 Detroit Kite Festival

A Few of Our Favorite Kite Tents

Make a Kite Tent

Zhen and Zechariah enjoyed making their own kites at the Make a Kite Tent sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The materials they used for making their kites were brown paper bags, cardstock paper, tape, and ribbon. We didn’t test the kites out, but we are using them as kid art decoration in our home.

Zhen looking too cool in her donut sunglasses.
2018 Detroit Kite Festival
Travis helped Zhen and Zechariah with making their homemade kites.

The Kite Shop

Thankfully, there was a kite shop available at the festival. If someone forgot their kite or a new visitor stumbled upon the kite festival, then they had the opportunity to purchase one. The kites were reasonably priced, too, ranging from $7 for smaller kites to $30 for the larger-sized kites.

2018 Detroit Kite Festival
The Kite Shop was a pop-up shop for visitors to purchase kites at the festival

Will It Fly?

The Will It Fly? Tent seemed to be the most popular tent at the kite festival. Many people were finding unique material pieces to create their own kites. Some were even able to get their handmade kites to fly!

Kite Museum and Book Nook

We spent a lot of time at the Kite Museum and Book Nook because it wasn’t crowded and we had a friendly welcome from the two volunteers working at the tent. Oh, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I also stayed under the Kite Museum and Book Nook tent because it was blazing hot! It was a perfect way for us to stay cool and keep the baby out of the hot sun.

Detroit Kite Festival 2018
We spent most of our time at the Kite Museum and Book Nook tent.

The Kite Museum and Book Nook featured many books about kites, from fun children’s books to nonfiction books about the history of kites. There were even books about how kites were made and used in different cultures.

After we browsed the Kite Museum and Book Nook, Elijah read a kite story to the little ones and we had snack time. The kids drank so much water because of the heat. Poor Zechariah’s hair was soaking wet from sweating so much. Thank goodness Travis packed 10 bottles water.

Elijah reading a kite book to Zhen.
Michala also took the time to read her Twilight book in the Book Nook.
Zechariah’s hair was soaking wet from sweating so much.

The wind wasn’t blowing very strong enough for us to fly our kites just yet so we just hung out at the tent. Our new friend Daniel, also a volunteer at the Kite Museum and Book Nook, let the kids check out his banjo and play a tune on it.


This is such a sweet picture of Zhen and Zechariah.
The kids loved playing the banjo. It was their first time seeing a banjo.
Nothing like a sweet tune on a hot summer day.

We had a wonderful time at the 2018 Detroit Kite Festival. We didn’t let the heat get to us too much. I’m glad we had the tents to sit under and stay cool. I think that made such a big difference. If there would not have been any tents available, then I know we would have probably found a spot at the park with more shade or went back home.


What are your thoughts?