Detroit Bartender Adil Yamin Shares His Violet Beauregard Scotch Cocktail Recipe


If you’re looking for a special cocktail to make at your next holiday party, look no further. Detroit bartender Adil Yamin has the perfect scotch cocktail for you— The Violet Beauregard.

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I chatted with Adil via email to learn more about his Detroit-inspired cocktail The Violet Beauregard.



The Violet Beauregard
Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky – American Oak | Photo courtesy Auchentoshan’s Instagram



Good Life Detroit (GLD): How long have you been a bartender? In Detroit?

Adil Yamin (AY): I have been a bartender for roughly 8 years. I have bartended in Detroit about 5 of those 8 years.


GLD: Tell me a little about your scotch cocktail recipe, The Violet Beauregard. How is this cocktail inspired by the City of Detroit?

AY: When I think about Detroit, the first thing that comes to mind are the crazy weather changes we experience here, especially as the seasons change. Temperatures sometimes fluctuate 20-40 degrees, which affects peoples’ cocktail consumption habits and preferences, so I like to serve something that sounds appealing whether its 80 degrees or 40 degrees outside.

A whisky sour serves this purpose well and is the inspiration behind The Violet Beauregard, a scotch-forward cocktail that both traditionalists and novices will enjoy as it features the smooth and approachable flavors of Auchentoshan American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


GLD: Are there any foods that you think will go well together with The Violet Beauregard?

AY: I think the cocktail would go well with any seafood items. The acidity from the skins of the blueberries as well as the lemon juice would compliment seafood items. I also think that the cocktail works well with salads. It provides a fruity and acidic characteristic to any salad. 


GLD: Why did you choose to combine the blueberry syrup with lemon juice?

AY: The blueberry syrup is naturally very sweet, so I like to incorporate lemon juice not only to keep the cocktail from becoming overly sugary but also to bring out the full flavor potential of the blueberries.  


GLD: What do you like about Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

AY: I love that Auchentoshan is nontraditional and dares to be different in the very traditional scotch world. While Auchentoshan is great served neat or on the rocks, it’s equally at home in a cocktail, which I think allows people to enjoy it how they want, no judgment or questions asked. 

I chose Auchentoshan American Oak for this recipe as it is a great introductory scotch that carries sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut along with the signature smooth, delicate Auchentoshan taste that results from the triple distillation process. 


GLD: Is The Violet Beauregard a good drink for the holidays?

AY: Whisky sours are always a crowd favorite and this version is no exception— it is easy to make, well-balanced and looks festive for the holiday season! 

If you’re looking for more cocktail ideas, I recommend checking out, which includes a great selection of easy-to-make recipes, including The Violet Beauregard, as well as step-by-step visual and audio instructions that make home bartending a cinch. 



Special thanks to Adil Yamin and Auchentoshan for the interview with Good Life Detroit!


Get the Recipe for The Violet Beauregard!

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Click here to learn how to make the recipe and to watch Adil make The Violet Beauregard on Auchentoshan’s official website!





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