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The Cold, Icy Weekend Was Perfect for a Trip to the Bookstore

How was your weekend? 

Our weekend plans were canceled because of the cold, icy weather. I had wanted to go to Eastern Market on Saturday to do some of our grocery shopping there and hang out for lunch, but it was too cold and rainy for the baby and the toddlers.

We had an ice storm on Sunday morning, too. There’s some flooding in a field behind the building where we live. Where are you, Spring?!

We ended up going to Barnes & Noble, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and Target. Elijah took the opportunity to escape the cold and stayed home to play video games.

Zhen was so excited when we walked into Barnes & Noble. “Is this a library?” she asked. It was a teachable moment for her as I explained to her the difference between a bookstore and a library. Of course, Zhen and Zechariah wanted to buy as many books as they could find.

Zhen and Zechariah loved visiting Barnes & Noble over the weekend.

#StayWoke (as my son says) with New books

I love hanging out at bookstores and browsing all of the books on the shelves. It’s so hard to pick just one book! I bought three books in the African American section.

The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois

I Have a Dream: Writings & Speeches That Changed the World by Martin Luther King, Jr.

When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele

When Elijah saw the books I selected, he said, “Wow, Mom! You’re trying to stay woke.” I told him that actually I am because I am researching more about African American History, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. It’s a personal research project of mine, but yeah, I guess you could say I’m trying to #staywoke.

Zhen exploring Barnes & Noble.
Travis and Zephaniah

I also purchased a teacher’s planner book to use for homeschool planning. I usually use spiral notebooks, but I thought I’d give this a try. The planner is great because I can use it for the teens and the toddlers’ homeschool planning. Of course, the teacher’s book is made for public school teachers, but I am making it work for our homeschool.

The teacher’s planner I bought from Barnes & Noble will last me the entire school year.


New PJ Masks Costumes are a Big Hit for the Toddlers!

Zhen and Zechariah were so excited when their PJ Masks costumes arrived in the mail. They’ve been running around the house “flying” in their capes and pretending to be Catboy and Owlet. It’s so cute.

Zhen is SO excited to have this cute Owlet costume!
Zechariah can’t stop looking in the mirror at his new Catboy costume. He even insists on wearing it when he eats. Lol

I bought the PJ Masks costumes on Etsy from Caped Mommy. I paid $26 for both costumes. Each child gets one cape and a mask. For an additional $6.25, you can also get their cape personalized with their name on it, but I chose not to just in case the kids want to switch costumes.

I ordered the costumes on April 12th and received them on April 16th. I think that’s a pretty great wait time for the order!

Fun PJ Masks costumes from Caped Mommy’s Etsy Shop


Earth Day for Homeschool Studies

This week we are studying Earth Day and talking about ending plastic pollution, which is also the official campaign for Earth Day 2018. I have a few fun lessons planned for the little ones and a scheduled field trip to the Michigan Science Center for the whole family.

The teens have their regular school studies for this week, but I will also have an Earth Day lesson for them to do. We’re also going to make Earth Day cupcakes. Yum!

Elijah and Zhen at the library. Are you celebrating Earth Day this weekend?

Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day or raise awareness for ending pollution? Here is a post I shared last week about 15 fun ideas for celebrating Earth Day. 

Hope you have a blessed week!

Jennifer xoxo 

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