One of Our Favorite Pizza Spots in Detroit: Avalon Cafe & Bakery

Hi, friends! Today’s post is sponsored by Avalon Cafe and Bakery. Avalon gifted a gift card to try their cafe and bakery and share my thoughts with you.


Have you been to Avalon Cafe and Bakery yet? Elijah, Michala, and I visited the Avalon Cafe on Woodward for a bite to eat and we are in love with their pizza and chocolate chip, sea salt cookies!

The teens and I were in Southwest Detroit for an appointment and afterward, we headed to Downtown Detroit for a late lunch. It was our first time visiting Avalon so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll be honest, I thought Avalon was just a cafe that served baked goods and coffee; I didn’t know Avalon also served meals.

We originally had plans to eat at another pizza restaurant and then visit Avalon for dessert, but when I saw the flashing words “Beer and Pizza”, I decided to get our lunch at the cafe.


Avalon Cafe and Bakery Downtown Detroit
Beer and pizza at Avalon Cafe and Bakery!


Avalon Cafe and Bakery Downtown Detroit
I love the Detroit-themed decor at Avalon!


Honey on Pizza? Yes, Please!

I was already a pizza lover before moving to Michigan, but after living here for 2.5 years, I have become obsessed with pizza. Detroit has opened up a whole new world of pizza for me, and Avalon has now been added to my list of favorite restaurants to get pizza!

I didn’t know honey on a pizza was a thing, you guys! Have you ever tried honey on your pizza before? We ordered the pepperoni pizza; it’s made with pickled chiles, mozzarella cheese, and honey drizzle. The honey just sweetens the deal. I’m telling you, it is SO GOOD! The teens agreed with me, too. They loved Avalon’s pizza!


Avalon has now been added to my list of favorite restaurants to get pizza! 


Avalon Cafe and Bakery Downtown Detroit
Delicious pizza with honey drizzle is SO good!


Beautiful Day to Eat on the Patio

Since it was such a beautiful day, we ate our lunch on the patio. It is such a lovely spot to sit and enjoy your meal while taking in the bustling city life on Woodward. I always enjoy sitting outside in Campus Martius because you can see so many beautiful cars and customized bikes.


You Have to Try the Chocolate Chip, Sea Salt Cookies!

After eating our pizza, we tried Avalon’s chocolate chip, sea salt cookies. Absolutely delicious! They were so good that we went back up front to order more cookies, but there was only one left. Bummer! Then again, maybe it was a good thing because I would have probably bought all of the chocolate chip cookies on the shelf! 🙂

The Avalon Cafe and Bakery feature a variety of food options from healthy salads to soups and sandwiches. They also make yummy baked goods. You can check out their menu here.


Elijah loved the chocolate chip, sea salt cookie at Avalon. I did, too!



Are you a beer lover?

If you’re a beer lover, then you’ll be happy to know Avalon also offers various beer selections. Something you might be interested in trying are the Eye of Horus and North Peak Perk.

The artisan bakery partnered with Dexter-based Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and Traverse City-based North Peak Brewing Company to bring you these two ales and they are available on tap exclusively at the Woodward location and at Avalon Cafe and Kitchen in Ann Arbor.


Downtown Detroit
Love sitting on the patio to take in the beautiful view of the city!


QLINE Detroit
City view from the patio of Avalon Cafe and Bakery.


Eye of Horus

Named after the Ancient Egyptian sign– symbolizing protection, good health, and power

Brewed with 10 lbs. of Avalon bread, dates, honey, coriander, and ginger

Mildly, tart, malty ale

Rooted in the traditions of Ancient Egyptian bread beers

The pour is a classic Jolly Pumpkin sour at 6.8 percent ABV


North Peak Perk

Brewed with Mighty Good Coffee beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Ethiopia– Avalon’s local coffee partner based in Ann Arbor

Rye ale with mild spiciness and a light hop bitterness

5.5 percent ABV beer


Avalon Cafe and Bakery Downtown Detroit
Avalon Cafe and Bakery feature Happy Hour specials Monday through Friday!


Big smile from my girl!


The teens and I LOVE Avalon Cafe and Bakery!

It is now one of our favorite restaurants to hang out at in Downtown Detroit. I love the Detroit-themed decor and the option to dine indoors or outdoors. After having such a busy day, it was very relaxing to sit on the patio with my loves and enjoy the beautiful view of the city.


Avalon Cafe and Bakery Downtown Detroit
A beautiful Detroit begins with you!



What are your thoughts?