Bakpak Durden’s New Mural in Highland Park Raises Vaccine Awareness

Detroit artist Bakpak Durden recently partnered with Lysol to paint a mural in Highland Park. The street artwork was created to encourage citizens to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Earlier this summer, the Ad Council, COVID Collaborative, and Lysol announced the “It’s Up to You” campaign to help raise vaccine awareness.

Lysol teamed up with local artists to create public murals in three cities, including Detroit. The artists created murals depicting family and friends welcoming each other back into their homes.

Bakpak Durden is a multi-disciplinary queer hyperrealistic artist based in Detroit, Michigan.
Bakpak Durden mural in Highland Park, Detroit

Where to Find Bakpak Durden’s Highland Park Mural

You can find Bakpak’s mural in Highland Park, Detroit at 13800 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park, MI 48203.

“After a little over a year of wanting to keep our loved ones safe, finally being able to run into the arms of our chosen family for a long-coveted embrace is an amazing feeling.

Inside the home, everything is in full color. The person running into the hug is going from black and white to color, taking on the warmth and vibrancy of being inside the arms of a loved one.”

Bakpak Durden, Detroit artist

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QR Code on Mural Offers Helpful Resource

One cool feature about the mural is it has a QR code that you can scan, and it takes you to the website It’s a helpful resource for you to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines. 

Bakpak Durden Detroit mural for BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival in North End

Bakpak Durden BLKOUT Walls Mural in North End

A few weeks ago, Bakpak also painted a gorgeous mural for the BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival. Entitled “Evocative of Ingenuity,” Bakpak explained in an Instagram post the mural “is riddled with symbolism and hidden meanings.” 

The “Evocative of Ingenuity” mural is located at 952 Clay Street in Detroit’s North End community.

Don’t forget to tag Bapak on their Instagram! Visit Bakpak’s official website here.

Highland Park mural photo courtesy of Lysol. BLKOUT Walls mural photo courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.



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