15+ Headwrap Styles You’ll Love

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love wearing headwraps! I first started wearing headwraps about two years ago. I watched Youtube videos to learn how to create styles, and then I started going to headwrap workshops in Detroit. I loved the workshops because I was able to learn more about the art of headwrapping while connecting with other women who loved headwrapping, too!

There are so many different beautiful headwrap styles. That’s the beauty of headwraps– it’s all about expressing yourself and creating your own personal style. From easy turban styles to bow headwraps and elegant Gele headwrap styles, the possibilities are endless! You can even use a shirt or leggings to create a headwrap style! Here’s another headwrap tutorial that I love.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is the founder of Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo in Detroit, Michigan. She creates many beautiful  headwrap styles for men and women.
Zarinah El-Amin Naeem creates another beautiful headwrap style for a client in Detroit, MI! (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)

And let’s not forget those days when you just don’t have time to do your hair or it’s wash day. Wearing a stylish headwrap is perfect to wear as a protective style for days like this. You can cover your hair and still look fabulous, especially if you’re in a rush to get out the door!

Below you will see photographs I rounded up of my favorite headwrap styles. Some of the styles are from workshops I attended in Detroit and other styles are from images I found on Pinterest and the internet. Let me know in the comments below which headwrap style you love the most!


Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo in Detroit, Michigan (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is the founder of Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo. She teaches many different headwrap styles for women!
Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is the founder of the Beautifully Wrapped Head Wrap Expo in Detroit, MI. I learned so many great things about headwrapping! It’s a wonderful event. Definitely recommend it! (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Turbans can also make a cute headwrap style.
The turban look is also a great way to wear a headwrap. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
Sometimes you can find beautiful scarves at a local store and turn it into a headwrap style!
One of my favorite scarf headwraps I like to wear in the fall. I bought this scarf at Old Navy and turned it into a headwrap style for my hair! (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Wrapped In Love holds many headwrap workshops and teaches a variety of headwrap tutoritals!
Wrapped in Love Headwrap Organization in Detroit, MI. Love Rose hosts many headwrap workshops to teach men and women how to create beautiful and unique headwrap styles. I attended one of their headwrap workshops and learned a few different new headwrapping styles! (Photo credit: Wrapped In Love)
Headwrap guru Love Rose is the founder of Wrapped in Love. She teaches a variety of headwrap tutorials in Detroit, Michigan!
Love Rose, founder of Wrapped In Love in Detroit, MI. She is so friendly and teaches women and men how to create beautiful headwrap styles! (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
I connected with a woman at a headwrapping workshop and she created this beautiful headwrap style for me!
Photo of me at a headwrap event in Detroit, MI. (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Headwrap styles for women. I attended a Detroit headwrapping workshop to learn more about how to headwrap different headwrap styles!
Photo of me in Detroit at a headwrapping event.
Monica Bedford Echols of Detroit, Michigan creates beautiful headwrap styles.
Another beautiful headwrap design by Monica Bedford Echols from an event I attended in Detroit, MI. I love the way she matched her headwrap design with her outfit.
(Photo credit: Good Life Detroit!)
Monica Bedford Echols created this beautiful bow headwrap style. This image is from my time at a headwrap workshop in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
We Rock Dope Hair in Detroit, Michigan featured many natural hair care vendors who sold various products such as cosmetics, natural hair products, African clothing, and beautiful African American art.
Roseline Onwenu, owner of Sterose International Boutique led a workshop on Traditional African Headwrapping in Detroit, MI. (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
I learned more about headwrap ideas and how to use African fabric to create beautiful headwrap styles!
I attended the We Rock Dope Hair Natural Hair Festival in Detroit, MI and learned more about headwrap styles. (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Headwrap style with a pashmina scarf from Wrapunzel.
I bought this pashmina from Wrapunzel. It is so beautiful and I only wear it in the fall and winter! (Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)


I really love this simple headwrap style with a bandana. The bow in the front is cute and you can also dress it up or dress it down!
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
Pashmina scarves make for a nice headwrap scarf!
I love the headwrap fabric in this image. It is perfect for the Fall. I have a pashmina scarf that looks similar to it. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
Dupsie's African Clothing sells a variety of African fabric and African headwraps!
I found this product online and I love the look. I think it would be good in the colder season because it covers the entire head. (Photo credit: Dupsie’s African Clothing)
Dupsie's African Clothing sells a variety of African headwraps, African fabric, and more!
Another beautiful headwrap style by Dupsie’s African Clothing!
(Photo credit: Dupsie’s African Clothing)
Tracee Ellis Ross looks radiant in her headwrap style!
Tracee Ellis Ross always has a beautiful style. I love her headwrap style with the bun in the back. (Photo credit: Tracee Ellis Ross)
Beautiful African headwrap styles like the "bun on top" look can be dressed up or down for any type of occasion!
The “bun on top” headwrap style is also another favorite of mine. I wear my headwraps like this sometimes. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
Researching headwrap style ideas on Pinterest is a great way to learn more unique headwrap styles!
I love this beautiful bow headwrap style! I am going to try it sometime soon.
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
You can also use headwrap styles for headbands.
I like how she styled her headwrap look. She turned it into a headband.
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
My daughter Michala also loves to wear headwrap styles.
My daughter Michala likes to wear her headscarf with the tail to the side.
(Photo credit: Good Life Detroit)
Turn simple scarves into a headwrap style!
Michala wearing a black striped headscarf. We were at the farmers market in Eastern Market. (Detroit, MI) Photo credit: Good Life Detroit
Headwrap styles are a great way to create new looks. Headwraps can go with any type of fashion style.
I love the vibrant colors of her headwrap! I have one that is a little similar to this style.
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
I'm loving all of these headwrap ideas! You can create many different headwrap styles with different types of material!
I love this headwrap look because of the big bun in the back. It’s another stylish way to wear your headwrap style! (Photo credit: Pinterest)



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