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Thankful for a Beautiful Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!

Hope you had a good weekend and a blessed Mother’s Day celebration. Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?

Travis actually planned our Mother’s Day festivities and it was a very nice surprise. I’m usually the one who does all of the planning for our family events so it was nice to take a break from the planning for the weekend.

This is what he had planned for Mother’s Day:

antiquing at the Utica Antiques Market

visit a greenhouse to buy flowers for our home

go to an evening church service

take the family out to eat at a restaurant (Mom’s choice!)

Zephaniah always makes a serious face when we take his picture. Haha
Michala and Zephaniah

Picking Out Flowers at the Greenhouse

We ended up missing out on the antique event because we weren’t aware of the closing time. When we arrived at the event, it was getting ready to close. Really sad that we missed it, but we are looking forward to attending the July event.

Travis took the kids and me to Mandel Greenhouses Florist in Shelby Township. He knew I had been wanting to plant a flower garden in the front and back of our home so he thought visiting a greenhouse would be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. He was right!

I was really happy Travis was so thoughtful and took the time to do this for me. Like I said, I’m usually the one who does most of the planning. Travis planning our weekend festivities made me feel appreciated and loved. It was such a thoughtful gift.

Travis and Zechariah at the greenhouse.

Mandel’s wasn’t busy so it was perfect for the kids to walk around and explore the flowers and plants. I had to remind the little ones not to touch the flowers because they wanted to pick the flowers and give them to me. They’re always picking flowers for me when we go outside to play. I can understand how confusing it was for Zhen and Zechariah when they found out they couldn’t touch the flowers. I thought it was still very sweet of them to think of me.

Zhen loved exploring and looking at the flowers in the greenhouse.
Zechariah wanted to pick the flowers. LOL
Zephaniah is 9 months now! Can you believe it?!

The greenhouse didn’t have a very big outdoor flower selection at the time so I decided to get indoor plants for our home. I selected two Calanday flower pots and two other indoor flower pots (I honestly forgot the name of it!). The business owner told me the plants are very easy to care for so that’s perfect for me!

I don’t have very much experience with gardening so right now I am wanting plants that are easy to care for until I get better at it. Now the only trick is keeping my cat Milli away from the plants. Every time I buy a flower bouquet or plants she always tries to eat them!

My oldest and my youngest! Feeling blessed to be a mother to five beautiful children!
Beautiful geraniums a the greenhouse.
I’m excited to decorate our home with my new plants!




Ending the Day with Shoe Shopping, Church, and Yummy Food

After our visit to the greenhouse, we went to Nordstrom to buy new shoes. I bought a pair of these blue Converse Chuck Taylors (only $50) for myself. I also bought Elijah a new pair of Adidas for the summer. He’s been wearing Adidas athletic shoes for the extra support. Elijah also says he likes the bright orange color and the unique style of his new Adidas.

We ended our Sunday with evening church service, and then we ordered Chinese takeout to eat at home. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration and I am very grateful for Travis taking the time think of me.

I’m feeling very grateful for being a mother to my five beautiful children. Motherhood is such a great blessing that has changed my life in so many amazing ways!

How was your holiday weekend? 


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All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra.


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