4 Beauty Tools I Recommend to My Clients

Freelance makeup artist Jasmine Wagner has a great passion for beauty. She recently launched her freelance beauty business and enjoys working with clients in the Detroit and metro area.

“Seeing the beauty that [my clients] have naturally and bringing that out and not just changing the look entirely, that’s why I do what I do,” Jasmine said in a previous interview with Good Life Detroit.

I asked Jasmine if she could share a few beauty tools she recommends to her clients. From using a beauty sponge to choosing the best mascara, Jasmine’s got you covered!

Jasmine’s beauty advice is also perfect to help find beauty tools for beginners. Check out her beauty recommendations below!

Freelance Makeup Artist Jasmine Wagner

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beauty tools for beginners
Jasmine’s 4 beauty tool recommendations are perfect for if you’re new to the makeup world. (Photo by Manu Camargo)


Concealer is Jasmine’s go-to makeup tool when she doesn’t want to put on a full face of makeup and she’s just going out to run errands or visit family.

“If you ever have a blemish or you have dark circles or just something you want to conceal on your face, you don’t need a full face of makeup,” Jasmine says. “You don’t need the newest foundation. You just need a little of a dab of concealer.”

Jasmine says you can even blend your concealer with your finger. No makeup brush or beauty blender necessary.

“If I ever had to give up a base product for my actual complexion, foundation would be easy [to give up] because you can always go in with concealer to make it look like you have that nice canvas. It ultimately evens out your skin tone.”

I love shopping for makeup so I took Jasmine’s advice and went to Ulta to find her recommended beauty tools!


The next beauty tool Jasmine recommends is a brow powder. She loves using the powder over the gel because she feels it makes her eyebrows look more natural.

Jasmine says brow powder can fill any sparse gaps in your natural brow and it can darken the brow in case you need a fuller look. Brow powder also helps define your face and give your face and eyebrows a little more color.

“I like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo,” Jasmine says. “It typically comes in two different shades in the same compact. I personally use the chocolate shade. It has a lighter brown and a darker brown [color]. The lighter brown you’re supposed to use on the inner part of the brow and the darker is on the outer part.”

Jasmine also loves the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder because it is a “no mess type of tool” and it is easy to work with.

So many beautiful makeup brands to choose from. It can get confusing and overwhelming at times. Jasmine’s 4 recommended beauty tools can help get you started! (Photo by Jazmin Quaynor)


Having a good mascara is another beauty tool Jasmine recommends for her clients. “It’s going to open up your eyes and make you look more awake,” she says.

“I do like the Too Faced Better Than Sex. It always gives my lashes a little more definition.” Too Faced Better Than Sex also comes in a waterproof version. You can find it in a green bottle. “I don’t wear it very often,” Jasmine says, “only to weddings and funerals. It’s very hard to get off.”

For a budget-friendly mascara, Jasmine suggests using the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. She finds this drug-store mascara to be comparable to the high-end mascara brands.

beauty tools for beginners


The last beauty tool on Jasmine’s list is a beauty sponge. Her favorite beauty sponge brand is called Beauty Blender. Jasmine says she prefers to use a beauty sponge over a foundation brunch because sometimes a foundation brush will leave streaks on your skin.

The beauty sponge, on the other hand, “pushes the product into your face so it looks more like your skin versus just a layer of paint on your face.”

Jasmine says she finds a beauty sponge to be very versatile where you can use it for any product such as foundation, concealer, contouring, or cream highlighter.

“I even use it to set under my eyes,” she says. “So if I’m using a thicker, heavier concealer I have to set under my eyes to avoid creasing, I use my beauty blender. The finish is just more natural and flawless.”

JASMINE’S PRO TIP: Remember to wet your beauty sponge before you use it. They are not sponges you use dry. Simply hold it under running water and squeeze it a couple of times. Wring out all of the water from the sponge. It should be wet, but not dripping wet. Wetting the sponge will help blend the foundation into your skin.

Looking for a drug-store brand comparable to Beauty Blender? Jasmine recommends using the E.l.f. beauty sponge. For under $6, E.l.f.’s beauty sponge is as soft as the Beauty Blender. There are even bigger sizes offered by E.l.f. that Beauty Blender does not have.

Do you have any beauty tools that you like to use?

Makeup by Jasmine Wagner of Glambyjazzy

To book Jasmine for a makeup session, visit her Facebook, Instagram, or business website by clicking on each hyperlink. Jasmine takes on clients at her in-home studio, and she works on location.

Special thanks to Jasmine Wagner for interviewing with Good Life Detroit! 


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