Hey, friends! Okay, call this a #ThrowbackThursday post because today I’m sharing with you our visit to Detroit’s Brome Modern Eatery grand opening celebration. We loved the restaurant so much that I had to share with you my thoughts (and pictures!) on Brome!

A few of weeks ago, Travis and I (with little Zephaniah in tow) attended the celebration to check out the new restaurant and The Balence Bar. The Dearborn-based restaurant opened a second location in Downtown Detroit on Shelby Street inside of the historic The 607 Building.

If you haven’t visited Brome Modern Eatery yet, then put it on your summer list because I think you will really love it! Travis and I were really impressed with the new restaurant. We loved the food, the style of the restaurant, and the skywalk (where Balence Bar is located).

Brome Modern Eatery
I loved visiting Brome Modern Eatery’s grand opening party!


“Rooted in Good”

Another favorite we loved was the beautiful mural wall leading to Balence Bar. Painted by Detroit-based artist Kyle “Wetiko” Danley, the mural is a must-see if you’re a lover of Detroit murals.

Travis said one of his favorite things about Brome was the “living wall” – plants hanging from floor to ceiling in the stairwell and also draped inside of the restaurant.

On the brick and modern decor, he said: “I’m one of those weird guys who like to see the raw materials of the building. It gives an aged look and with the modern decor, it’s a really nice blend.”

“Rooted in Good” mural by Detroit artist Wetiko.
Brome Modern Eatery Detroit
The Living Wall at Brome Modern Eatery is just beautiful!


Enjoy the Drinks & the View at The Balence Bar

One of the pleasant surprises I loved about Brome’s Detroit location is the dining area and Balence Bar are separate from each other. The Balence Bar is located upstairs from the restaurant and it’s situated in a skywalk which overlooks the city. It’s a beautiful view and a nice chill spot if you want to grab a fresh pressed juice, a mocktail, or a smoothie.

Oh yeah, the Balence Bar is all healthy. I thought it was a regular type bar which served alcoholic beverages, but I quickly found out during our visit that the bar serves healthy drinks. Perfect for if you’re following a healthy diet or a breastfeeding mom, like myself.

Brome Modern Eatery Detroit
Travis and Zephaniah enjoying the view of the city from The Balence Bar’s skywalk.
Brome Modern Eatery Detroit
The view from the skywalk at The Balence Bar.

Here are a few smoothie options:

Pina Kale-ata

Ocean Breeze

Creamy Mango Tango

Arabian Coffee House

And a few mocktails:

Forbidden Apple


Grapefruit Spritzer

You can even get a healthy shot of such as “Cleanse” (Kale), “Resistance” (Ginger & Lemon), “Activate” (E3 Live with BrainON), “Chlorophyll Intake” (Wheatgrass), and more!

The Balence Bar Menu
Brome Modern Eatery
Drinks are made fresh to order at The Balence Bar.
Complimentary samples from the Balence Bar.


It’s Worth the Money!

Brome Modern Eatery is similar to Shake Shack, but in my opinion, it’s better! Elijah and I had visited Shake Shack about a year ago and we were not impressed with the restaurant. The food didn’t taste good and it’s also overpriced for the size of the meals you get.

At Brome Modern Eatery, though, you do get your money’s worth. Travis and I ordered the Deluxe burger with Kennebec Fries and we thought it tasted really good. We were also happy with the size of our Deluxe burgers.

Zephaniah was like, “Gimme that juice, Daddy!” LOL
Checking out The Balence Bar!


You Had Me at Beef Bacon!

Speaking of the Deluxe burgers, we were happy to see Brome offers beef bacon. Whaaa?! Where they do that at? Do you know how hard it is to find beef bacon at restaurants, let alone the grocery store?

For religious reasons, our family doesn’t eat pork meat so when we saw beef bacon on the menu, we were VERY excited! The Deluxe burger is delicious, especially with the beef bacon!

Brome Modern Eatery
The Deluxe Burger is SO good! It comes with BEEF bacon! OMG!
Brome Modern Eatery
Deluxe Burger – There were NO leftovers!


Organic, Vegetarian, & Vegan Food Options

Brome offers six gluten-free burgers, two vegetarian burgers, and one vegan burger. Two chicken sandwiches and one fish sandwich are also offered on the menu. Other food options are salads, a kids menu, sweet potato fries, sweet potato puffs, and NINE handspun milkshakes. The salted-caramel milkshake was pretty good. You can read more of the menu here if you like.

The Kids Menu is only $5, offering a kid-sized burger, organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hotdog, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Each meal sandwich comes with a side of french fries, chips, or apples at no additional cost.

Chili Cheese Fries!
Travis diggin’ into his chili cheese fries.


Meeting Detroit Lions Ziggy Ansah

At the end of our visit, we met Detroit Lions defensive end Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah. Ziggy made a special appearance at the grand opening to talk about his foundation the Ezekiel Ansah Foundation (EAF). Ziggy established EAF in 2016 to help create realistic opportunities for youth in education and sports and also help youth achieve their goals. A portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to EAF. Very cool! We always love supporting a good cause, especially one that gives back to the community.

After the event, I told my dad I met Ziggy at a Detroit event. My dad is a big football fan so he thought it was really cool that Travis and I were able to meet Ziggy. 🙂

Ziggy Ansah
It was a pleasure to meet Detroit Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah at Brome Modern Eatery!


A Few More Photos of Our Visit…

Trying a juice sample from Balence Bar. I honestly didn’t care for this particular juice.
Mama’s Baby!
We loved the mural at Brome!

Have you been to Brome Modern Eatery? 



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Special thanks to Brome Modern Eatery for inviting Good Life Detroit to the grand opening party! *This is not a sponsored post.

All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra.

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