Here’s a fun butterfly mural wall for taking pictures. It’s located in Downtown Ferndale, Michigan.

Sunday, Travis and I took the kids to get haircuts. I always take them to the same stylist I go to– Motor City Hair Witch. Ali’s so great. She’s been styling my hair since summer 2021.

She did my big chop for me when I was tired of my long curls and ready to try something new. I love all of the fun styles she creates for her clients, especially punk hairstyles.

You should follow her on IG and check out here work. She’s truly a hair artist.

While we were at Ali’s salon, she mentioned there’s a butterfly mural on the side of the salon building. So, of course, I had to go check it out because I love mural art!

Butterfly mural wall in Downtown Ferndale, Michigan

I forgot to check the mural tag for the artist’s name, but you can find the butterfly mural wall in Downtown Ferndale at 801 West Nine Mile Road. Once I find out who the artist is, I will update this blog post with the info.

Butterfly mural wall in Downtown Ferndale, Michigan
Butterfly mural wall in Downtown Ferndale, Michigan


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