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Filmmaker Aizzah Fatima Talks Making the First Muslim-American RomCom

In this celebrity interview, entertainment journalist Allison Kugel talks with filmmaker and actress Aizzah Fatima about Aizzah’s new film Americanish— the first Muslim-American rom-com! By Allison Kugel Pakistani-American filmmaker and actress, Aizzah Fatima, has managed to do what many before her could not. She turned her intimate stage play, Dirty Paki Lingerie, a monologue-driven piece …


Detroit Comedian Tirrell McCoy’s Good Medicine Entertainment Offers Feel-Good Comedy with a Dose of Inspiration

“Laughter is good like a medicine,” said Detroit comedian Tirrell McCoy. I was chatting with him about his latest production “Roland on the Floor Laughing with Good Medicine Entertainment” (also called ROFL W/GME) at Noah’s Event Venue in Southfield, Michigan. Tirrell invited Travis and me to attend the comedy dinner theater night on October 21st.  …