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Relationship Expert Dr. Sabrina Jackson Asks Six Detroit Men: What Do Men Really Want in a Relationship?

Dr. Sabrina Jackson, T.V. personality and host of Detroit’s 910AM Superstaion’s The Essentially Sabrina Show recently hosted a movie night and relationship panel discussion. She asked tough relationship questions straight from the source: MEN! The relationship discussion included an all-male panel of six Detroit professionals. Each man opened up about their relationship goals and what …

Good Life Detroit

When Your Sister Agrees to Do Street Photography With You

I was really excited for my mom, sister, and nephew to visit us over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was my sister Lisa’s and my nephew Landon’s first time visiting Detroit and our new home so it was a pretty big occasion for us.

But another reason why I was excited to see my sister was I wanted to take her out to do street photography with me. I wanted to show her the places I like to go to in the city for photography and to see the reason why I love photographing Detroit.

Lisa has a pretty sweet camera collection. She has a Canon and Nikon DSLR with a few prime lenses and brought it with her for the trip. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go out to the places I wanted to go for photography because the weather turned really cold.

She isn’t accustomed to Michigan winter weather as I am so instead we did a brief photography walk in Eastern Market. But even though our photography walk was cut short, Lisa said she still enjoyed the mural art and getting a glimpse of Eastern Market.

Good Life Detroit

Lunch at Supino’s Pizzeria

Before I gave my family a tour of Eastern Market, we ate at Supino’s Pizzeria. Supino’s is well-known for its Detroit-style pizza. My nephew was amazed at how large the pizza slices were. When he picked up his first slice, he exclaimed it was “ginormous” and it was the biggest piece of pizza he had ever had. My mom also really enjoyed the pizza, too. She said she loved the thin crust.

We were fortunate to go to the pizzeria after their busy lunch hour. Supino’s gets pretty busy. Most times when I go the line is so long that people are literally standing outside of the door to place an order. Is it that good? YES! It is that good and worth the wait!

Supino's Pizzeria

Photographing Eastern Market Murals

After lunch, I took my mom and sister to see a few murals in Eastern Market. The sun was starting to set so we were only able to see a few pictures of the murals. I explained to Lisa there are so many murals in the Eastern Market area that there was no way we could view them all before the sunset. It was also very cold outside, so we didn’t spend a long time outside.

The cool thing about the experience, though, was the area was practically empty so she was able to photograph the murals without traffic getting in the way. Since there were not very many people hanging around Eastern Market, we focused on photographing the murals. I hope Lisa will visit us again in the springtime so we can do more street photography and I can show her the other murals at Eastern Market.

BB'S Butchers Inn
I love colorful buildings. They have a lot of character and make for cool photographs.
Eastern Market
Eastern Market Murals
Good Life Detroit
Even my mom took a few photos with her camera phone.
Eastern Market murals
Eastern Market Murals

Do you love mural art?