A March Visit to Current Art Studio

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared an event I’ve attended in Detroit. Now that more businesses are starting to reopen and events are popping up, I’ve been venturing out some to check out what’s going on in the city.

This particular event I went to was actually a few months ago. I shared a little about it on my Instagram (IG), but I also wanted to share the story on the blog, too.

Back in March, Detroit creative artist Zachary Crawford invited me to the grand opening of his new art studio. After a long year of quarantining at home, I was excited to get out of the house and discover a new event in the city. I eagerly accepted Zachary’s invitation and even bought myself a new outfit just for the occasion. 😉

Connecting with another creative felt like a breath of fresh air. I could tell right away the feeling was mutual for Zachary, too. He was thrilled to meet another Detroit creative and we talked about his passion for the arts and his vision for Current Art Studio.

Creative aritst Zachary recently opened an art studio space called Current Art Studio.


It had always been Zachary’s dream to create an art space where other creatives can come together and work on their projects. He felt there was a strong need for artists to also have access to the right equipment and gear they need to create their art.

“[Current Art Studio] is a place that creativity can come together and not feel like crabs in a barrel-type relationship,” he told me at the grand opening party of his new studio, “but where they can come together and collaborate and really be artists and create tangible work. Not only that, so we can monetize our crafts, our artistry.”

At age 26, Zachary has a vast background in various creative art forms. He enjoys fashion, drawing, painting, and poetry. When he attended Detroit School of Performing Arts he studied acting and television performance. He also helped create a radio and TV program while at the performing arts school.

Additionally, Zachary participated in Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, a performance arts youth program for actors, singers, and stage technicians. Both the Detroit School of Performing Arts and Mosiac Detroit helped the young creative learn more about the behind-the-scenes work for media entertainment.

Later, after graduating high school, Zachary moved to Los Angeles where he started modeling and auditioning for gigs. Now that he’s back in Detroit, Zachary is hoping to connect with more Detroit creatives at Current.

Zachary with his moms Melinda and Sharon Crawford. They were so proud of his hard work on the studio.

Zachary’s vision for a studio space took time to come to fruition. First, he needed time to save up the money for his studio and to acquire equipment for creatives to use in the new space. “All of this comes out of my money and the sweat, heart, tears, and blood off my back,” he said.

“So I [wasn’t] able to just instantly start-up or instantly to be able to get all of the resources and things that I know that the other creators or artists will need.”

Current Art Studio now has the equipment and gear for creatives. It features a banquet area for special events. There are also three different suites artists and creatives can use for photography, filming, art exhibitions, and more.

A production studio with a green screen and an audio studio is also available at Current. It features backdrops, ceiling lights, fans, heaters, and other set equipment. Creators are also welcome to bring their own equipment. The space is available to rent for events and other creative projects.

Another cool feature housed in the Current Art Studio are the Black-owned businesses Hypewhore Vintage shop and Vegan Taste Catering. Hypewhore Vintage features a variety of archival vintage pieces.

Vegan Taste Catering is owned by Pr’phec Hamilton, Zachary’s cousin. Pr’phec and Zachary worked together on renovating the art studio. The restaurant offers 100% vegan carryout Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Vegan dishes like Cajun Jackfruit Chick’n Alfredo, Fried Cauliflower Wingz, and Lentil Jambalaya Bowl are just a few delicious cuisines Pr’phec offers.

You can follow Vegan Taste Catering on Instagram to keep up with the latest updates and menu offerings!

“… my main emphasis of coming up with the Current Art Studio– to create an art studio that’s current and to keep the Current alive.”

Zachary Crawford, Creative Artist

Thank you, Zachary! Connect with Zachary on Instagram here. Follow Current Art Studio and Hypewhore Vintage on Instagram here and here.

All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.



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