What are you currently into right now? Have you read a really good book, binge-watched an exciting TV series, or visited a cool place?

Here are three things I’m currently loving.


New Michelle Branch song "I'm A Man"
Photo credit: Michelle Branch Instagram

Have you heard Michelle Branch’s new song “I’m A Man”? I love it! I think I’ve listened to it a thousand times since she announced her new single. It’s the first song I listen to when I go on my morning walks.

I’ve been a Michelle Branch fan since my college days in the early 2000s. I remember driving down I-65 South in Nashville to my internship blasting her albums The Spirit Room (2001) and Hotel Paper (2003).

“I’m A Man” is a powerful song about women’s rights and very fitting for the current times.

In an Instagram video post, Michelle said she wrote “I’m A Man” about “the pressures of being a man in our society and how far we still have to go to make sure that women are equal.”

Michelle Branch’s official video for “I’m A Man”

The “Breathe” singer’s new album The Trouble with Fever drops September 16th, and I can’t wait!

Michelle’s tour also kicks off in Nashville next week. I checked to see if she’s coming to Detroit, but I didn’t see any dates for Michigan. Bummer! Maybe she’ll come to the Motor City or metro area later this year…I hope!


Heartland (Photo credit: Heartland (cbc.ca))

I know this is going to sound super cheesy of me, but I’m obsessed with binge-watching the Canadian series Heartland! I don’t know if it’s because the country vibes remind me of my home state of Tennessee, but I can’t get enough of the show.

Heartland is Canada’s longest running one-hour drama. (Does that mean it beats Degrassi?) There are a total of 16 seasons! Season 16 premieres later this fall, but in the meantime, you can catch up and stream the show on Netflix. Seasons 1 – 14 are on Netflix.

It’s a wonderful show to watch with the family. Think Parenthood, but it takes place in a small, rural town in Alberta, Canada.

The footage of the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the perfect show to watch when you need to take a break from the chaotic news cycle and the craziness going on right now in the world.

Not only do I want to live on a ranch now, but I also want to learn how to ride a horse and one day have one of my own!

P.S.– Don’t make the mistake I did and look through current Heartland social media posts or any articles online. I did this last week and got a heartbreaking spoiler. Ugh!


This summer, I started making more mindful intentions to practice mindfulness in my everyday life– slow down and focus on my mental healthcare.

One thing I’m doing that has made a HUGE difference in my life is doing what I like to call a sunrise mediation.

I wake up early before everyone in my family and I make myself a pot of herbal tea. Then I take my tea with me outside and sit, sip, and practice mindful breathing.

Sometimes I listen to meditation music. Sometimes I just listen to the sounds of the birds tweeting and the neighborhood waking up and beginning the day.

I wish I would’ve started practicing sunrise meditation years ago!

Feature image photo credit: Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper album cover (2003)


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