What did you do Labor Day weekend?

Just popping in here to say hi. Did you go to any festivals Labor Day weekend?

We had planned on going to the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival and the Detroit Jazz Festival, but we were only able to make it out to Hamtramck. I’m so bummed we missed the Jazz Fest. I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go!

Detroit Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Photo I captured at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2019.


It’s a long story, but what had happened was…

  • I wasn’t feeling well because of bad symptoms from transitioning off of my anxiety medication.
  • We decided to take Saturday off from going anywhere. (Turned out we really needed that rest time!)
  • I misread the Detroit Jazz Festival schedule and thought we would be able to attend late shows on Monday. (SMH! What was I thinking?!)
things to do in Detroit
My crew! Elijah had to work so he wasn’t able to go with us sadly.

I am really trying to up my “festival-going game” because there are always SO many festivals to go to in Detroit, Metro Detroit, and across the state.

I want to go to pretty much all of the festivals and it seriously makes me sad that it’s not possible for me to go to every single event or festival that I find interesting. LOL! (Crazy, right?)

music nail art
I even went to get my nails done with a little music note just for the Jazz Fest.
Detroit American Coney Island
On Monday evening, Travis and I went to the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival. Afterward, we headed to Downtown Detroit in hopes of catching the night performances at the Detroit Jazz Fest. We accidentally misread the Jazz Fest schedule and didn’t make it back in time.


I told Travis next Spring we should do a family/homeschool project where we create a BIG calendar of our favorite summer events.

We could let the kids decorate and make our big, summer calendar festive. Then we could hang it up on the kitchen wall and place stickers beside the events we attended.

family life Detroit
Zechariah loved his light-up shark sword and banana milkshake.
Labor Day Detroit
Michala loves going to carnivals. I don’t know how she gets on the rides, though. I can’t handle the roller coaster and rides that go up high. Lol!

At the end of summer, we could have a family summer celebration and tally up all of the events we attended over the summer.

I think the kids would like that, and as the years go by, it would be fun to look over all of the summer calendars we created.

On Wednesday or Thursday, I will share a blog post about our time at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival. We took the kids on Sunday and then Travis and I went back on Monday for a date night.

Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Travis being goofy.
detroit date ideas
I wore a colorful vintage outfit because after Labor Day I have to pack away all of my summer clothes and pull out my Fall outfits!
Hamtramck Detroit
Pretty sky after the rain in Hamtramck.


Our plan for Monday (Labor Day) was to stop by Hamtramck’s festival and then hang out at the Detroit Jazz Fest. But as soon as we got to Hamtramck, it started raining really hard.

When the rain slowed down, we went to Downtown Detroit to see if the Jazz Fest was still going on. I checked my Instagram for any weather updates and found out the performances were delayed because of the weather.

Wayne County Detroit building
As we drove through Downtown Detroit, I snapped a few photos from the van.
Wayne County Detroit Michigan
Wayne County – Detroit
Jefferson Avenue Detroit
I spotted a rainbow shining over Jefferson Ave. This makes the second rainbow I’ve seen in Detroit within 3 weeks of each other!


So we decided to grab a bite to eat while we waited for the performances to start again. When we took the kids to the Labor Day festival, we had walked by a cool-looking taco restaurant.

I had made a mental note to check it out on our date night so that’s where Travis and I ended up going.

Dos Locos Tacos is the name of the restaurant. Have you been?

I’m going to write more about our visit to Dos Los Tacos in my next post about the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival.

Dos Locos tacos Hamtramck
We ate at Dos Locos Tacos in Hamtramck. So good!
Dos Locos tacos
Travis and I loved Dos Locos Tacos! Definitely going back again very soon.


After the Labor Day Festival, we headed back to Downtown Detroit for Jazz Fest. Sadly, we left Hamtramck too late and ended up missing the Monday night session. I had misread the schedule and mixed up Sunday’s schedule for Monday’s performances.

Oh well. There’s always next year, right?

So we just enjoyed a nice night stroll in Lafayette Greens– an urban garden located in Downtown Detroit. The flowers smelled amazing and it’s just so romantic. I wonder if the garden was open just for the Jazz Fest or if it’s now open at night every day of the week?

date night Detroit
Selfie at the Green Living garden in Downtown Detroit.
Lafayette Greens urban garden detroit
I was surprised to find the gates of the Lafayette Greens urban garden opened at night. Of course, I had to go see the beautiful flowers!
Detroit Urban Garden
I changed my outfit for our date night at Jazz Fest. No worries! It was perfect for our night stroll through the Lafayette Greens urban garden in Downtown Detroit.
Lafayette Greens
The flowers at the Lafayette Greens urban garden are beautiful!


people mover detroit
Downtown Detroit
detroit dogs
A man walking his very cute pooch.
Detroit pubs
Pub bus. Detroit.
District Detroit
View from the District in Detroit.
detroit michigan
John R. Blvd Detroit
Corner of John R.
Hamtrack Michigan
Reflections. Hamtramck.
Detroit Industrial Gallery Tim Burke
Detroit Industrial Gallery by Detroit artist Tim Burke.
Greening of Detroit
Lafayette Greens is located behind the American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island in Downtown Detroit.
detroit Greening of Detroit urban garden
Lafayette Greens is a green space and urban garden located in Downtown Detroit.
Greening of Detroit Urban Garden
“The award-winning garden, created by Kenneth Weikal Landscape Architecture, was donated to The Greening of Detroit by Compuware in 2014.” — Lafayette Greens
Lafayette Greens
The flowers and plants are grown without the use of chemicals.
Good Life Detroit blogger
It was a beautiful night and despite missing the Jazz Fest, we had a wonderful holiday weekend! Also, the Lafayette Greens urban garden in Downtown Detroit is a must-see!


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All photographs are by Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

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