Seems like it’s a rarity these days that I get to go out to events. Since the summertime, I’ve been so busy with family life and working.

I’m always saving event announcements I find on Facebook and Instagram with hopes of attending the ones that spark my interest.

But by the time it’s the weekend, I feel exhausted and I just wanna chill at home.

That’s why I was happy to finally get a date night out with Travis to Flamingo Vintage Detroit’s event “Birds of a Feather: A Visual Art Show & Vintage Experience.”

Flamingo Vintage Detroit mural art by Sheefy McFly
Mural art by Detroit artist Sheefy McFly

Once a month (I think?), and usually on a Friday night, Flamingo Vintage hosts an after-hours event. They feature live music INSIDE of the store (very cool!) and other fun things. I’ve always wanted to go to one of their events, so I was excited we could finally attend one!

This particular event we attended included an art exhibit, as well as a lineup of rock bands. Art and live music at one of my favorite vintage shops? How could I miss this?!

Luckily, Travis told me he would be getting off work early for being at his 40-hour max. Since I work about 5 minutes driving distance from the vintage store, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go.

(I think the last time we went out on a date was in January or February when we went to see a play at the Detroit Repertory Theatre!)

Southwest Detroit Tacos

We ended up arriving at the event kinda early so we got some burritos and street tacos from a neighboring taco truck.

After eating dinner, we just browsed the art exhibit and all of the cool vintage styles while we waited for the first band to get ready to play.

Flamingo Vintage Detroit
Some of the artwork featured at “Birds of a Feather” at Flamingo Vintage Detroit.
Flamingo Vintage Detroit

I didn’t get photos of all of the artwork featured at “Birds of a Feather,” but here are the names of the participating artists if you want to look them up.

Connery McDowell, Evil Rico, Nomadic Madam, Roberto Patino, Bryan J. Corley, Thalamus, Escada Gordan, Dalejuan Littleton, Jak

Store mirror selfie <3
Nikki Neuzil, owner of Flamingo Vintage Detroit
Nikki Neuzil, owner of Flamingo Vintage Detroit
Olympus Mons at Flamingo Vintage Detroit
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons at Flamingo Vintage in Southwest Detroit, Michigan
Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons plays at Flamingo Vintage Detroit.
Olympus Mons
I asked, “Can you sit down at the table so I can take your picture?” This is what he does. =/ haha!
Flamingo Vintage Detroit
“Always kiss me goodnight,”

I wish we could’ve stayed for the whole event, but we had to leave early to go pick up the kids. Still, I’m glad we were able to check out the art and the first band! We really loved Olympus Mons’ music!

All photos courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit. Follow Flamingo Vintage Detroit on Instagram here.


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