Happy 420! Cannabis is legal in the state of Michigan, so you can always find a lot of 4/20 events happening. I celebrated the day by visiting a local dispensary and attending two 420 events.

Even though I went out for 4/20, I didn’t consume any of the cannabis I bought at the dispensary. (Also, I don’t drink alcohol.) Since I was driving, I felt it was best I waited until I was home.

How do you celebrate 4/20?

I’ve been to a few other cannabis events over the years.

My first visit to a dispensary was just before recreational cannabis became legal. I was writing a blog post about it, so I was able to visit the dispensary and chat with a store manager.

Then after recreation cannabis became legal, I attended this cool High Tea Party for women hosted by Anqunette “Q” Sarfoh, another cannabis tea party Q invited me to, this visit to another dispensary, and Cannabis Cup.

So, check out those blog posts if you’d like to see what other cannabis events I have attended!

And here are a few photos from my night out for 4/20!

First things first– the fit! Here’s what I wore on 4/20


First things first– the fit! Here’s what I wore on 4/20.

  • Camouflage overalls: Mama Coo’s Boutique
  • Pink combat boots: Dr. Martens
  • Vintage acid wash denim jacket: Flamingo Vintage
  • Vintage blouse: Flamingo Vintage
  • Marijuana earrings: Beauty supply store (old; bought a few years ago)

I wanted to mix patterns for my 4/20 outfit. After years of always matching my clothes, mix-matching patterns is surprisingly challenging for me!

Michala (my oldest daughter, 21) loves to mix patterns with her clothes. It seems like she does it so effortlessly. I once asked her how she does it, and she told me she just wears what she wants and doesn’t overthink it. Good advice!

Pleasantrees dispensary in Hamtramck, Michigan


I stopped by Pleasantrees in Hamtramck to pick up a few goodies. They were having a good sale for 4/20. I was able to get an 1/8 of Guava Cream, 2 Rainbow Belts prerolls, and 1 Sunset Sherbet cart for just $52!

Pleasantrees also gave customers tickets to get 2 free slices of pizza from Amicci’s Pizza, who were also on-site. I was hungry, so it was perfect timing. Haha!

Amicci's Pizza Hamtramck
Amicci’s Pizza
Amicci's Pizza in Hamtramck, Michigan
Amicci’s Pizza gave me an extra pizza and it was much appreciated!
Detroit art by B. Chambers
Art by @venus9vision


After Pleasantrees, I headed to Craft Club for the 4/20 Art Experience. It’s a private members-only social club and event venue located at 29 E. Baltimore in Detroit.

They host 4/20-friendly events and other events such Faded Fridays and Whimsical Wednesdays.

Naye Taye Visuals, Detroit artist
Saw my girl Naye Taye at Craft Club. I also get my earrings from her, which she creates and designs herself! Check out her site here.
“Get Blazed” body art by @venus9vision
“Get Blazed” body art by @venus9vision
Mushroom Chocolate Bar
More artwork by @venus9vision


Next event, just six minutes from Craft Club, was Jam Session Vol 3 the 4/20 edition at New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck. You gotta have good music with 4/20!

Detroit artist Gullah Jack performed songs from his latest album SMOKE, such as “Drink & Dro” and “Tuck & Roll” (really liked this one!).

I saw Gullah Jack perform in a cypher at Fiesta Detroit’s Cinco de Mayo Festival last year in Southwest Detroit, so I thought the Jam Session would be a fun event. I was not disappointed. The band was amazing, too!

New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck, Michigan
skee ball at New Dodge Lounge
New Dodge Lounge club decor

Side note: I was having a little trouble with my phone camera settings, so the club photos came out a little blurry.

I also created an IG Reel of Craft Club and recorded a few video clips of the cypher at New Dodge Lounge. I’ll share the videos on my IG, too!

Once I got home, I cooked spicy chicken and broccoli with my favorite Japanese noodles and enjoyed some Birthday Cake (an indica dominant hybrid strain.) Combined with music, you also have to have some good food for 4/20!

Birthday Cake is one of my favorite strains to have before bed because it helps me relax and sleep well. It’s also great for my chronic back pain.

Hope you had a fun (and safe) 4/20! xoxo

All photographs are courtesy of J. Hamra for Good Life Detroit.


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Jennifer Hamra

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