It’s been a few weeks since I’ve attended my friend’s two art exhibitions, but I wanted to share a few photos from my visit. Last year, I had featured an interview with Detroit artist Errin “Lightheart” Whitaker introducing you to his world of art. I first met Errin at a Mack Alive event in Detroit. That was in September 2017 and since then we’ve been keeping in touch on Instagram.

A few weeks ago, he invited Travis and me to attend two of his art exhibitions– one in Indian Villiage (Detroit) and another one at Norwest Art Gallery (NW Detroit). I thought I’d share a few photographs from “The Burn Kill Ego Art” exhibit held at the Norwest Art Gallery.

Detroit artist Errin Whitaker
Detroit artist Errin “Lightheart” Whitaker at The Burn Art Exhibit at the Norwest Art Gallery.
“Isaiah 59:3 Stained” by Errin Whitaker
“Isaiah 59:3 Stained” by Errin Whitaker

The Burn “Kill Ego” Art Exhibit was held at the Norwest Art Gallery on September 28, 2019. Along with Errin’s artwork, the exhibit also featured artists Cameron Jenkins, Phillip Dwight Brown, Rashard “Sheedo” Montgomery, and Onzie Norman.

“The Burn Kill Ego” at the Norwest Art Gallery in Detroit, Michigan. Curated by Franchesca Lamarre

A subjugation of the Black man; archive documentation, and prose.

“As we continue to grow and evolve as a society, gender and the politics of identity find themselves under critical magnification. The forced sexual dominance and the cultural responsibility of autonomy without access position Black masculinity as a very narrowing performance. Or otherwise live dormant many Black men find themselves like the fire, a slow and steady burn.”

From the Norwest Art Gallery “The Burn Kill Ego” exhibit infographic
Sky Dragon Cameron Jenkins
“Sky Dragon” by artist Cameron Jenkins
Graffiti Girl Sheedo
“Graffiti Girl” by SHEEDO

Last year, Errin participated in the 48-Hour Experience– an art project where the artist creates art for 48-hours. He used the art challenge as an opportunity to pay homage to his late grandmother and Romare Bearden– one of his favorite artists. Errin worked on 10 collage art pieces to honor what he called “the melanin and royalty inside my DNA.”

Detroit artist Errin Whitaker
A guest at Norwest Art Gallery observes Errin’s artwork “Souls of Black Folks.”
Detroit artist Errin Whitaker
“Souls of Black Folks” by Detroit artist Errin Whitaker
Travis and I at the art exhibit at Norwest Art Gallery in Detroit.
Norwest Art Gallery Detroit
The Burn Kill Ego art exhibition was curated by Franchesca Lamarre and it was held at the Norwest Art Gallery in Detroit, Michigan.
Jennifer Hamra Good Life Detroit
Photo of me at Errin Whitaker’s art exhibition at the Norwest Art Gallery in Detroit.
Detroit artist Errin Whitaker

You can follow Errin on his Instagram account if you’d like to connect with him or keep up-to-date on his latest projects. Thank you, Errin, for inviting us to your art exhibits!


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    All photographs were taken by Jennifer & Travis Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

    Written by

    Jennifer Hamra

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    Inspired by her love for personal blogging and photography, Jennifer likes to share her favorite Detroit things, from cool places to visit (the hidden gems are her favorite!) to the amazing people she has connected with over the years.

    When she's not busy juggling family life and her creative projects, you can find her at an art gallery, community event, farmers market, or spending quiet time at home with a good book and cup of tea.

    Jennifer lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband Travis and their six children.

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