A Date Night Idea Under $30

Tonight, Travis and I had a spontaneous date night in Downtown Detroit. I originally had plans to attend an event at Beacon Park, but on our way there we got stuck in traffic.

By the time we arrived at our destination, I realized we were at the wrong location. Ugh! So we hurried across the street to a restaurant to use its WiFi to pull up my email.

My hope was I could find out where the I was supposed to be and we’d make it to at least catch the second half. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to WiFi.

Travis and I loved our spontaneous date night at MOCAD and Pie-Sci
“Window Shopping” by Alyx Harch

Travis asked me what I wanted to do since we couldn’t make it to the event. I thought about just saying, “Let’s go back home.”

But then I thought to myself, you know what we’re already out here and the traffic is going to be worse heading back home. We might as well take advantage of our kid-free time and enjoy it.

“Window Shopping” by Alyx Harch
“0.00” by Tony Rave

So I suggested we get dinner at Cass Cafe…

BUT on the way to the cafe, I remembered how much I really wanted to see the new art exhibits at MOCAD.

“MEHFIL: RAAG 0/D1++ (VERSION)” by Osman Khan
“Redecode: A Tropical Theme is a Great Way to Create a Fresh, Peaceful, Relaxing Atmosphere and Containers” by Joiri Minaya

We were about 4 minutes away from Cass Ave., when I exclaimed, “Let’s go check out MOCAD first, and then we can hit up Cass Cafe for dinner.”

Travis was cool with it and he was curious to check out the art gallery because he had never been before. We ended up looking through all of the art exhibits and afterward we decided we really wanted pizza for dinner.

“Dreams and Demons” by James Benjamin Franklin
“What Up Doe” by Tiff Massey

So we had a yummy dinner at Pie-Sci, and we loved that we were able to order our own pizzas and not have to share with any kids. Ha Ha!

Not that we don’t love to share with our kids, but sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself. You know what I mean?

“Je Ne Sais Coff (Series)” by Tiff Massey
“Between a Comb and a Rough Place” by Tyanna Buie

On our way back home, we bought the kids a pizza from Little Caesars. When we walked through the door, our little ones were so excited to see the pizza box.

The teens are always happy to have pizza so they immediately grabbed a couple of slices.

The Black Dandy and Street Style by Dandy Lion (I want this book so bad!)
I loved the hands-on exhibit of “Akousmaflore”! When you touched any part of the plant, it activated sounds. Artwork by Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre & Anais Met Den Ancxt
Pie-Sci in Detroit

At the end of our night, I realized we had spent under $30 for our date night.

$1 for parking at Beacon Park Detroit

$5 for MOCAD donation (the art museum is always free plus they have free parking)

$23 and some change for our dinner

I had the Jerky Boys pizza. Sooo good!
Travis had the Nacho Mamma pizza. It had a nice kick to it, but it was delicious!
Photo of me at Pie-Sci

It was really great to get out with my love and spend time together. I think we need to have more spontaneous date nights. It keeps things fun!

Do you have any date ideas that are under $30?

Travis at Pie-Sci
Pie-Sci Kitchen
Pie-Sci Decor


All photos are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

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