My summer was pretty low-key, as far as attending events and going places goes. For the first time in a decade, I got a job outside of the home.

Well, sort of.

It’s a part-time remote position, but it’s still a different experience for me since my former part-time job was mainly blogging and social media marketing through GLD.

Sadly, I was one of those bloggers/influencers whose self-employed income was negatively affected by the pandemic.

And with the increase in cost of living (groceries, gas, rent, electricity, you name it), I needed to find new work. Thankfully, I was able to use my blogging and social media skills to find my new part-time gig. It’s truly been a great blessing!

So, with the new job and doing summer school with the kids, I’ve been super busy. (That’s also why I took a short break from blogging.)

And since the summer is coming to an end soon (fall officially starts next week!), I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of the fun things I did get to do this summer.

I decided to break it up in separate blog posts because otherwise this post would be extremely long, and ain’t nobody got time for all that scrolling! 😉

Here’s the first set of my summer photos: getting vegan soft serve at Cold Truth and checking out Tou & Mai in Detroit. It was our first time visiting Tou & Mai (such a cute shop), while Cold Truth has been one of our favorite places for some time now.

Hope you enjoy the photos! xoxo

Trying pHONEYCOMB Vegan Soft Serve at Cold Truth

Getting ice cream at a local ice cream shop is a big summer favorite for us. One favorite place is Cold Truth in Detroit. Michala and I stopped by on a Sunday after visiting MOCAD.

We tried the pHONEYCOMB vegan soft serve, and despite it being vegan, it tasted just like real honey! (That was also my first time learning that honey is not vegan.)

pHONEYCOMB Vegan Soft Serve from Cold Truth in Detroit
pHONEYCOMB Vegan Soft Serve from Cold Truth in Detroit

The pHONEYCOMB was only available for a limited time, though, so I’m not sure if Cold Truth still serves it. At the time that we went, the special was for a fundraiser for the Detroit Hives.

Checking out Tou & Mai Boba Tea Asian Mini Mart

After enjoying our vegan soft serve treats, Michala wanted to stop by Tou and Mai (next door to Cold Truth) for Boba Tea.

We browsed around the small shop to check out the goods, and Michala found a nice surprise at the checkout counter (see below). 😉

Checking out Tou and Mai, Boba Tea and Asian Mini Mart
Every Burger candy (burger-shaped chocolatey filled cookies)
Pocky Matcha green tea covered biscuit sticks at Tou and Mai
BTS Stickers at Tou and Mai
The nice surprise– BTS stickers!
You should’ve heard Michala gasp with delight when she spotted the BTS stickers. haha! I wish I would’ve caught her reaction on camera.
Kirby tip jar.
“Kirby tips. Will you?”
Snapping pics for the gram.
BTS stickers
Michala ended up getting almost every sticker of each band member. They didn’t have J-Hope. 🙁
BTS, Bangtan Boys KPOP group

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