How I Turned My Passion Into a Side Hustle

What do you do when you love your career, but you discover a new industry you’re passionate about? You make it your side hustle, of course! In today’s blog post, I’m featuring my interview with metro Detroit makeup artist Jasmine Wagner, and she shares how she turned her passion for beauty into a side hustle.

We’ve all heard of the advantages of having a side hustle, right? Side hustles can help you with many financial aspects such as earning extra income to pay off student loans, saving up for a dream house, or funding your favorite hobby.

For Jasmine Wagner, though, she discovered her side hustle isn’t all about the money. It’s something she’s passionate about and she truly enjoys.

What’s her side hustle? Jasmine is a freelance makeup artist!

metro Detroit makeup artist


During the workweek, Jasmine works at her 9 to 5 in the finance industry. But on the weekends, you can find her beautifying women for bridal showers, weddings, photoshoots, or special events.

About a month ago, Jasmine launched her beauty business Glambyjazzy to take on clients on the weekends. She’s passionate about beauty and helping women enhance their natural beauty features.

“Seeing the beauty that [my clients] have naturally and bringing that out and not just changing the look entirely, that’s why I do what I do,” Jasmine said.

It’s very important to Jasmine that her clients are heard and feel comfortable with the makeup look she creates for them. Jasmine likes to focus on what it is her clients want and not on creating a makeup style that she wants to do.

metro Detroit makeup artist


As a self-taught makeup artist, Jasmine has always found enjoyment in being a makeup artist. When she was 16-years-old, she started exploring makeup and creating new looks for herself.

Later as an adult, she started doing makeup for family and friends– for free! If a friend needed her makeup done for a wedding or other type of special event, Jasmine was happy to accommodate.

One day, Jasmine’s good friend asked her if she could do her makeup for a bridal shower. When Jasmine’s friend attended the bridal shower, the bride-to-be loved her friend’s makeup.

The bride-to-be later reached out to Jasmine to see if she could book heer to do makeup for her family members who were coming to the wedding. Despite feeling honored for the opportunity, Jasmine turned down the job.

“At the time, I didn’t have a kit and I didn’t have makeup that would be all-inclusive for all skin tones,” Jasmine said. “I turned down the opportunity because I wasn’t necessarily prepared with product. Thinking about it a little bit longer, I thought, Why did I just turn that down?”

Jasmine shared with her husband the job opportunity she received. She said her husband was also surprised Jasmine had turned down the offer because “I’m not one to turn down an opportunity.”


Jasmine decided to use the experience as motivation to start her beauty business. She went out and spent a few hundred dollars on cosmetics and beauty tools.

She then reached out to women and offered a limited amount of free sessions to help build her portfolio. Her sessions were instantly booked and she was able to share her work on Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Now Jasmine is booked for June for clients who need their makeup done for weddings! “It’s been kind of eye-opening,” she explained, “because the people have always seen the makeup I have done on myself and have always wanted me to do makeup for them.”

Jasmine said she always thought she wouldn’t be able to officially work as a makeup artist because of her career. Working between 50 to 60 hours a week, she thought her off time needed to be reserved for relaxation.

But to her surprise, she enjoys working part-time as a makeup artist. It has made her feel more relaxed and she finds it therapeutic. She doesn’t feel exhausted to work on her beauty business. “I actually look forward to it and I wake up on Monday for my [day] job and I feel better than I did before I started this adventure!”

Detroit makeup artist

To book Jasmine for a makeup session, visit her Facebook, Instagram, or business website by clicking on each hyperlink. Jasmine takes on clients at her in-home studio, and she works on location.

Special thanks to Jasmine Wagner for interviewing with Good Life Detroit! Stay tuned next week for a fun feature on five beauty tools Jasmine recommends for you!


All photographs are courtesy of Jasmine Wagner.

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