I finally got to see the Detroit mural “Patterns of the Detroit Community”! An Instagram friend shared a photo with me that she had taken of the mural because she knows how much I love discovering new murals in the city.

Creation of the mural art was collaborative effort by three Detroit artists. “Patterns of the Detroit Community’ was designed by Dr. Hubert Massey, painted by Ijania Cortez, and assisted by Ani Garabedian.

"Patterns of the Detroit Community" Detroit mural by Dr. Hubert Massey, Ijania Cortez, and Ani Garabedian.

The mural is located on Livernois Avenue (also known as the Avenue of Fashion) on the west side of Detroit.

According to the mural description, “Patterns of the Detroit Community” is a mural collaboration between the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and the City of Detroit through the Partners in Public Art program.

Information about the "Patterns of the Detroit Community" mural designed by Dr. Hubert Massey, painted by Ijania Cortez, and assisted by Ani Garabedian.
Detroit mural: "Patterns of the Detroit Community"

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