It’s Not This Time of Year Without the Detroit Turkey Trot

November 2016


On Thanksgiving Day, Travis and I went on a day-date to see America’s Thanksgiving Parade. Before the parade started, we got to see Detroit’s annual Turkey Trot. I thought it would be cool to snap a few photos of the race. To my delight, I was not disappointed at all. I enjoyed photographing the Thanksgiving race.

As a newbie to Detroit, it was really nice to learn more about Detroit’s holiday traditions. Who knows? Maybe next year Travis and I will register to run in the Turkey Trot! 🙂

Detroit Turkey Trot
A group of ladies cheer on the Turkey Trot runners.
Good Life Detroit
It’s tradition for runners to dress in costumes for the Turkey Trot.

Detroit Turkey Trot Tradition: Wear a Costume

I was really surprised to see so many people dressed up in costumes. it was a little confusing at first because I had never seen anything like it before. I learned that wearing costumes in the race is a tradition. Many people dress in festive holiday gear for the Turkey Trot, such as Christmas trees and Santa Claus costumes. Some of the runners were dressed up in superhero costumes and comic book characters. It was a huge crowd, and everyone looked so thrilled to be participating in the Turkey Trot.

Detroit Turkey Trot

Detroit Turkey Trot

Santa and Christmas Costume

Detroit Turkey Trot Celebrates 34 Years!

According to the Parade Company’s website, the Turkey Trot is “a family tradition in downtown Detroit for the past thirty-four years” (The Parade Company). Since my family and I are new to Detroit, we didn’t know anything about the Turkey Trot. I’m glad Travis and I got to see the race. I loved how so many of the runners were dressed in costume and looked genuinely happy to be running in the race. Watching the trot immediately put me into the holiday spirit.

Detroit Turkey Trot

Detroit Turkey Trot
On your mark! Runners get ready to begin the race.

Turkey Trot

The Parade Before the Parade

The Turkey Trot is known as “The Parade Before the Parade” because it is a large event which literally starts before the Thanksgiving Parade. Many of the downtown streets were closed off for the race and the parade. Travis and I used the closed streets to our advantage to also view and photograph the great architecture of the historic Detroit buildings.

The Turkey Trot and the America’s Thanksgiving Parade make for a great day to do street photography. If you plan on attending the Thanksgiving parade next year, I recommend you get there early to see the Turkey Trot, too. It makes the parade experience so much more fulfilling.

Good Life Detroit

Detroit Turkey Trot

Detroit Turkey Trot
The costumes the runners wore were pretty cool.






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  1. I can’t believe it’s been 34 years! That has always been a fun tradition! I think it’s awesome that you decided to go, it would be hard to miss!

    1. I was amazed at how many people were running/walking in the race. The costumes were so cool and I loved checking out the different outfits people had. I’m definitely going back next year to watch or maybe even participate! 🙂

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