A Favorite Place to Go on the Weekend

How was your weekend? 

We had a  really nice weekend. We mostly stayed home and relaxed. I finally tackled the huge heaping piles of laundry that needed to be washed. I woke up early on Sunday to get started on the laundry because there was so much to do. Laundry is never-ending, isn’t it? Right when you get all of your clean clothes put away, you turn around and there are two big piles of dirty clothes to wash. #StoryOfMyLife

Instead of going to an event in the city, I decided to stay home so Michala could celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend Paul. (Still feels a little weird saying my daughter has a boyfriend. Haha) They went to the mall and he surprised her with two gift cards to Forever 21, one of her favorite fashion stores.

She was so excited about it that she asked for a job application to work at the store. (Remember, your first job as a teen and how exciting it felt to earn your own money?) She texted me asking if she could apply to work there, and I must admit, I felt a little sad about it at first. My little girl is no longer a little girl. She is truly becoming a young woman.


Michala’s birthday cupcakes for her Sweet 16.


Happy Sweet 16!


Of course, I said yes. I’m going to go over the application with her and teach her about applying for a job. Coincidentally, Elijah is also learning about how to apply for a job for his English (homeschool) class. He picked up a job application at Subway and is thinking about submitting it for a weekend job.

The teens are very excited about discovering their independence and earning their own money. I am proud of Elijah and Michala for having such a strong desire to be independent and set personal goals. Time really does fly by when you have children. You blink and the next thing you know you have teenagers who want to drive, get a job and apply to go to college. If you have little ones, cherish every single moment with them — the good and the hard times. They will be teenagers before you know it and then you’ll miss the time when they were small.


My Happy Place: Detroit Vintage Coffee & Tea 

Despite not going to any fun events, I did get to go to my favorite coffeehouse on Sunday. Detroit Vintage is my number one favorite place to get coffee in Detroit. Located on 8 Mile Road, the black-owned coffee shop is only open on the weekends. The weekend-only operating hours make a visit to the vintage coffee shop a special treat.

I had been wanting to go to Detroit Vintage for over two weeks, but something kept coming up keeping me from going. Not this time! I made it a point to go over the weekend. Elijah, Michala, and Paul went with me to the coffeehouse. Michala and Paul love going to Detroit Vintage with me, and it was Elijah’s first time visiting. I told Elijah once he saw the coffee shop, he would love it and want to go back again. I was right. As soon as he walked through the doors, Elijah looked around the place and smiled at me. “This is really nice. I like it!”


It was a sunny day out, but very cold! Hanging out at the coffee shop was perfect.


Detroit Vintage
Detroit Vintage is my favorite place to get coffee in Detroit.


Elijah thought that the coffee shop was really welcoming and inviting. “When I walked in there, I thought, ‘This is a special place.’ It’s like a secret clubhouse.” Elijah was even more excited to order a big cup of Americano, something he doesn’t usually do when we go out to coffee places. He sipped his hot drink and worked on some math homework.

Michala also ordered an Americano (which is now her favorite coffee to drink) and she worked on an art project. She always tags along with me when I go to Detroit Vintage. She said they make the best Americanos. Paul ordered a cappuccino and read a novel. He got so into the novel that he ended up buying it when we went to pay our coffee tab.


Elijah said, “Mom, I’m a proper adult now” all because he was drinking a big cup of coffee. LOL!


Detroit Vintage
Michala’s favorite coffee is an Americano.


Paul enjoyed a cappuccino and reading a novel.


It was so nice to sit and sip on my french pressed coffee while working on my writing. I am always so busy with the kids that sometimes it is hard to get away and take a break. There’s just something about going to your favorite coffee shop and reading or writing while you enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Now that Travis is temporarily home, I can get a little more downtime, but I know I won’t always have the extra free time. Having a special place like Detroit Vintage where I can take a break from mom life and enjoy some time to myself is exactly what I need each week.


Detroit Vintage
Spending a couple of hours at Detroit Vintage always makes me happy.


Detroit Vintage
My favorite drink to get at Detroit Vintage is a French Press coffee.


My favorite part of our afternoon was at the end of our visit. The owners were getting ready to close the coffee shop. As the customers packed up their things, they turned to one another and said, “Have a good week!” The kind words made me smile. As I walked out the door with the kids, I thought to myself, “I think I will have a good week.” We’ve had too many bad days with the job loss hanging over our heads. I’m determined to stay strong and make this week a great week!


Do you have a favorite place you like to go to when you want to relax?


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What are your thoughts?