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The New Dig Dating App Connects Dog Lovers (and They’re Launching in Detroit!)

To all of my single-dog-loving-friends, I know the dating world can be hard sometimes. I remember the #singlelife when I was in my 20s (typing that last sentence just hurt my heart a little as I realize I’m showing my age) and it was pretty brutal at times. Just trying to determine all that you have in common with someone can be a little daunting.

And then there’s the issue of if your potential date will also connect with your loved ones who are in your life. Your parents, best friends, siblings, neighbors, and… your fur baby.

Why yes, we have to include our fur babies when it comes to meeting someone new. For pet owners, it’s very important to them that their potential partner also loves their pet. I remember when my husband and I started dating, he told me he loved cats. That was a big relief for me because I was already the proud owner of two rescue cats. Seven years of marriage later, we still have those same two kitties from when we first got together.

Sometimes, though, when a person is not a pet lover, that can be a deal breaker for a relationship. Casey Isaacson, the co-founder and CCO of the new dating app Dig, once had a relationship experience where a guy she was dating wasn’t very fond of her dog Layla. As her sister Leigh Isaacson explained to me, “Casey was dating a guy who tried to be a dog person for her.”

Casey Isaacson with Layla, her cute and sweet 3-year-old Cavapoo.

Unfortunately, Casey’s ex just wasn’t that into dogs. “By the end of the relationship,” Leigh continued, “he didn’t want the dog in his apartment. He would put towels down on the couch so the dog didn’t touch anything.”

Leigh is also the co-founder and CEO of Dig. Together, the sister-duo run DIG, the dating app for dog lovers and dog owners. Leigh told me after Casey’s relationship ended, Casey said to Leigh, “I wish I just knew from the start it wasn’t going to work because of the dog.” Casey’s experience gave the sisters an idea to research if there was a market for singles who would be interested in connecting with other dog lovers.

Leigh and Casey Isaacson, Founders of Dig, along with Casey’s fur baby Layla. (Photo credit: Leigh and Casey Isaacson)

Finding a Someone Who Loves Pets Just as Much as You Do is Important

According to Leigh, 55% of single adults in the U.S. are pet owners. She explained to me when a person has a pet, they already have an established relationship in their life. Therefore, finding a person who not only loves pets but is also willing to be included in the pet relationship is important. “It’s something you need to know from the start,” she told me.

Dig gives singles an opportunity to connect with other pet lovers. So far, the company has launched in major cities such as New York, New Orleans, and Boston. Leigh told me the reception for Dig has been very welcoming as singles are excited to connect with other singles who have a passion for dogs. 

“The reception has been unbelievable,” Leigh told me. “It’s so great to see the whites of people’s eyes when they’re like ‘YES! A dating app with more dog photos on it!'” Leigh told me people have written to them to share their stories of their positive experiences using the Dig app. People have told her how much they love watching the dogs first meet. 

Leigh says connecting pet lovers and owners with each other is a great way to start a relationship through the dog. The Dig app even has a fun feature where pet owners can plan a dog-friendly date. One of the date ideas featured on Dig is helping singles find the closest dog park in their local area. 

“We really push [this] as a really good first date idea,” Leigh said. “It’s been really cool to see the different dog communities in each of these cities we’ve launched into.”

Dig Launching in Detroit

Leigh and Casey are excited to bring Dig to Detroit. The dating app will launch tomorrow, September 20th and there will be an official launch party open to the public. 

Date: Thursday, September 20, 2018

Time: 6 to 8 p.m.

Where: WeWork Merchant’s Row — 1449 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

The launch party is free and Leigh promises it will be a lot of fun for guests and their dogs. There will be many fun activities for guests to do with their dogs. There will also be free beer for the humans and free doggy treats for the pooches. You can even get your fur baby’s photography professionally taken at the event. The first 50 people to arrive will receive a free bandanna for their dog.

Two dog rescues, Almost Home and the Michigan Humane Society, will also be at the Dig launch party. You will have the chance to adopt a new fur baby if you’re interested! 

Also, if you register for the Dig Detroit launch on Eventbrite or download Dig, then you’ll be eligible to win a dream day for your dog, plus a $250 shopping spree for you and your date at a local Pet Supplies Plus store.  

Meet Dig Detroit’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Royal Oak-based Melanie is Dig Detroit’s Most Eligible Bachelorette. She will be at the Dig Detroit launch party tomorrow along with a few adoptable puppies! 

Hi, my name is Melanie.  I’m a 37 y/o pharmacist, free-spirit, and animal lover enjoying the new app Dig.  I’d love to find my BFL – best friend for life who shares similar passions as me in life!  I love music, concerts, and of course animals!  I am a long time volunteer at Almost Home 100% No-Kill Animal Shelter in Southfield, Michigan.

What I love most about Dig is meeting fellow animal lovers, especially those who have a passion for RESCUED animals.  You can tell a lot about someone’s character by the way they treat animals.  I feel meeting someone who shares a love for rescuing animals may see the world in a similar fashion that I do.

I live in Royal Oak, Michigan, love to be out and about and would love to meet a fun-loving, genuine guy.

I have a one-eyed Husky named Mya who is quirky and absolutely loves everyone, a short-haired Chihuahua named Punky – she is the sweetest personality ever, and then there is Jose Hossa – who is the Prince of the house.  He can be a little possessive of his Mommy, but as long as you are a good guy who treats his mommy right, I’m sure it is possible to earn his Blessing! Haha. He’s a lot more mellow than he used to be.  Overall, I have the 3 greatest dogs in the world. 

Looking for an animal lover who’s dog(s) won’t think my little ones are lunch.” 

Melanie, Dig Detroit’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Something else really cool about Dig: they partner with local dog rescues and the humane society to help pets get adopted. In fact, all of the dogs featured on Dig’s Instagram are adoptable! Click here for more details if you’re looking for a new fur baby. 

And you can feel safe in knowing that the Dig team makes sure to stay up-to-date on the latest safety measures for their dating app. Leigh told me in order for a person to sign up for Dig, the user must log-in through Facebook or Gmail. This will ensure the account is not fake. 

For more information about Dig, follow their official website and social media accounts below.

Website: www.DigDates.com

Instagram: @DigDates

Twitter: @DigDates

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DigDates

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/thedogpersonsdatingapp

Special thanks to Leigh and Casey for taking the time to interview with Good Life Detroit!


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